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More than a facelift, less than a lobotomy.

Obviously things look a bit different. Welcome to Ix11.

The main upgrade comes in the form of the backend software that runs the forums, which is now XenForo 2.0.4 instead of 1.5.4 that we had been running previously. There are a very large number of changes, most of which are fixes and many of which will go unnoticed, but here are some highlights:
  • Improved compatibility with schema.org standards
  • Image resizing errors fixed
  • Improved keyboard shortcut handling
  • Fixed canonicalisation of URLs under IIS
  • Display of attachments in quick thread fixed
  • Fixed handling of AJAX filtering when no results are returned
  • Fixed post edit history handling
  • Handle spam-cleaner-deleted users better
  • Fixed error relating to moving deleted/moderated posts
  • Fixed select-to-quote tooltip for mobile browsers
  • Update to Froala editor 2.7.4, lots of related bugs fixed.

The biggest change though, is that addons, customizations and styles made for XenForo 1.x are not compatible with XenForo 2.

This means that the previous theme, mods, and general user interface from the old forums will not carry over moving forward. With that said, I have tried to maintain a level of continuity within the most direct ways of the website, (i.e. the frontpage) and I will continue to tweak and improve the site per usual. All core functionality should work without issues but obviously if you find a bug, be sure to let me know.

The other biggest (ongoing) change is that the traditional "ICN" homepage will be going away in favor of a more holistic approach that is a combination of the News Feed. The news feed, or activity stream is a constantly-updated log of things that all of the members are doing which can be viewed by everyone. It is possible to filter the news feed down to just users you follow, or a single user.


A screenshot of the tabs within the news feed.

The news feed consists of five tabs: What's New, Feed, Recent Posts, Your News Feed, and Latest Activity. They're all pretty self-explanatory, but here is a quick rundown of what each tab will show/l

What's new will show all of the newest threads.

Feed is a personalized stream that may consist of unread threads, watched content, threads you've posted in, threads you've started, or unanswered threads.

Recent posts is IxTwitter, I just need to rename it.

Your news feed will contain any content that you have subscribed to show you any content from users you are following.

Latest activity is a global live feed of all user content and engagement, whether that be new threads, new posts, seeing who liked other user's comments, etc.

Things are still being worked out and it's still a ways from phasing out the traditional homepage, so in the meantime you will have the option of accessing either page directly from the navigation.

All in all, this is less of a visual upgrade and more of an under-the-hood one. Things should move faster, there should be less errors and hiccups, and there should be MORE CONTENT. That is all.