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In the months following the Chimor occupation of Porlos and the armed insurrection against Chimor rule (culminating in the attempted assassination of King Falcao IX by a Pi'jaa extremist) the western isle of Porlos has fallen into violence with many armed paramilitary groups being set up, pro and anti-Chimor.

The main forces are:

•The Porlos Seccessionist Army; a group with an estimated 10,000 members that seeks to unify Porlos under one, anti-Chimor, banner. They mainly target political and military targets using car bombs, however they have been known to shoot at Chimor colonial legionnaires on patrol. Typically if they suspect anyone of Chimor leaning sympathies they either post letter bombs through their letterboxes or attack them with clubs (the same is true for suspected traitors).

•The Porlos unionist army; the group has 7231 members that seek to see Porlos remain as Chimor territory. They are regarded as allies of the colonial legionnaires and their members can often be seen on rooftops near patrol routes with rifles to scout for any secessionist armed forces. The unionist army will often hold recruitment "parties" in towns, giving out kegs of alcohol and are regarded as a force for fostering good relations with the populace on behalf of the Chimor.

•The Western Porlos Independence Collective; a group of around 1500 who seek Western Porlos to become independent of the Chimor. They are more inclined to negotiate than other independence forces and a ceasefire has been negotiated with their leaders to hold a plebiscite in Western Porlos within a year.

The armed groups each have a political presence in the tribal confederacy; the political allies of the Porlos Secessionist Army is Liberate, who hold one seat in the tribal confederacy and 2027 seats out of 10,001 across Porlos' counties, the allies of the Porlos Unionist army is the Porlos Unionist Coalition (PUC) who hold 6982 seats across Porlos' county administrations and eight out of eleven seats in the tribal confederacy (including Viceroy Zu'al and deputy Viceroy Pi'jaa) and the allies of the Western Porlos Independence Collective, the Western Porlos Nationalists (WPN) hold 576 seats in Western Porlos' counties (as they don't field candidates in eastern Porlos) and two seats in the tribal confederacy. Of the 416 seats in the county administrations not affiliated with the three largest parties 298 are held by pro-independence parties (either Western or Pan-Porlos) and 118 are held by unionists. This gives the unionist parties a majority of 4199 county administrators and 5 chiefs in the tribal confederacy.
August 2027:

The Purge - Deu (Western Porlos):

Centurion Vez stepped through the rubble, pistol at the ready. He had been awoken from inside his quarters at Fort Blanca by two of his Optio's; Ti and Lang who had organised the patrol routes around the city for the night. Three guard commanders had stumbled upon the scene in front of him; five men, aged 16 through 30 lying on the floor with sacks tied tightly around their heads. Each had no shirt and severe bruising up and down the torso, welts and bumps. A splintered piece of wood was lodged deep inside each ones chest.

Behind them was a message wrote in charcoal on the wall: "Traitors - Imperial Scum".

"Are they our informants?" Said Vez slowly, pondering the situation, "No sir." Said Ti and Langin unison.

"Good, clean the wall then take photos and have them distributed with the caption 'The Porlos Secessionist movement - fighting on your behalf against you.'"

Mornday Tuesday - Chimor landing (Western Porlos):

The crowd of protesters gathered in the square of Chimor landing. The town had an approximately 50:50 split between secessionists and unionists, the signs to it would have "Chimor" scratched off overnight by a secessionist to have it resprayed on by a unionist the day after.

The protesters were here to depose the chief of the local tribe who represented the Porlos Unionist Party in the tribal assembly, Chief Gu'alla. The colonial legionnaires stationed outside looked nervous, as Optio Yeu tried to calm the crowd he had his arm grabbed by an elderly lady.

The next few seconds were a blur as a shot rang out and the woman collapsed to the ground. The crowd surged forward, throwing rocks at the legionnaires hunting only Yeu remained. He was just about to pass out when a member of the Porlos Unionist army began shooting a high powered hose at the crowd from the town's fire station.

The Kahtoon massacre - Kahtoon (Western Porlos):

The local chapter of the Porlos Secessionist Army had set up camp in the street opposite the Unionist Army headquarters in Kahtoon. Praefect Hi'jak looked out from behind the curtain of his office, clutching a radio to his bony face "Do it." He said calmly.

All of a sudden there was a flash of light as three shoulder launch missiles smashed into the chapter's house. Men screamed as they rushed out of the burning building, only to be picked off by rifle fire. Hi'jak turned his head in shame, there had been no honour, just slaughter.

Monthly dead:

-Secessionist Army: 22

-Colonial legionnaires: 6

-Civilian: 24 (7 to Secessionists, 17 to colonial legion/Chimor allies)
September 2027:

The vigilantes - Deu (Western Porlos):

Following the distribution of the propaganda on behalf of the colonial legionnaires many of the townspeople have renounced the Porlos Secessionist Army, partly because the chief of the area's son was among those murdered. As such the tribespeople have banded together to root out any suspected members of the group and put them "on trial". Three suspected members have had gallows trials, in which they are put on the gallows with a noose around their necks and questioned by a local militiamen, to determine "guilt". One man was acquitted and a woman and a man hanged.

The revenge - Hyan (Eastern Porlos)

Hyan had been declared the de facto capital of a the colony, housing the tribal confederacy building and colonial legionnaire high command. Following the missile attack on the Kahtoon Secessionists one of the survivors had taken a fishing boat to Hyan. The man, agent Y, had purchased a yellow car and manoeuvred it into a parking space outside the colonial legionnaire high command and walked away.

The car exploded within seconds, injuring many in the building. In the smouldering wreckage the search team found a wing mirror with a message scrawled onto it,

"Agent Y and the Kahtoon Secessionists send their regards."

Monthly dead:

-Secessionist Army: Potentially 2

-Colonial legionnaires: 38 (29 wounded)

-Porlos unionist army: 3

-Civilian: 45-47 (45 to Secessionists, 2 potentially to the mob)

The Voyage - the sea north of Porlos

Praefect Hi'jak awoke feeling sore. He was cold, in the frigid metal box, the chill expedited by his nudity. His wrists searing as they yanked him upwards, "Guard!" He shouted in Porlosian, what he heard back confirmed his fears, "Silence!", he heard in Vespian.

-The day before (Kahtoon)-

Hi'jak ran down the stairs clutching his pistol, wave after wave of Secessionists barrelled across the street, at least 300 had been seen entering the city. Of the 50 men he had been garrisoned with 30 were already dead, he felt helpless. He steeled himself up and ran out of the door shouting "CHI CHI CHI, MOCHE MOCHE MOCHE, VIVA CHIMOCHE!" As he shot round after round at the horde. He began to breath heavily, the sweet nutty smell of chloroform filling the air.

He looked down to see a man in an exterminator uniform spraying a mist upwards as the world went black.

The landing - Savina (Southern Vespia)

Hi'jak stumbled out of the ship, his muscles gleaming in the Vespian sun. He saw men and women looking at him like a cutlet of beef. Spitting blood on the floor he gritted his teeth as he made his way to the stage of the dock, he mused that he'd rather it serve it's other purpose of being a gallows, "If only..." he thought. Around him he counted fifteen members of his own garrison and eleven people he'd seen around Kahtoon, he'd even had dinner with some.

"Fresh meat of Porlos! Fresh meat of Porlos!" The slaver who led them to the gallows shouted, he pointed at a young woman, "₳3000 for the bitch, 3100, 3300, sold to you sir!" He shoved the woman off the platform into the arms of a Vespian who immediately bit into the woman's neck to the pleasure of the crowd.

"Now, soldier boy!" The auctioneer put an arm on Hi'jak's bicep, disgusting him, "Ooo strong, sturdy. ₳3200! With you sir at ₳3400, oh... sold for ₳3550!" Hi'jak jumped off the gallows before he got pushed, landing on the woman's warm body, he prayed by the moon for a save passage for her.

He made his way to the winning bidder, a man with an heir of dignity, "Now then my boy!" He said oddly, almost sounding Helvianiri if Hi'jak didn't know better, however it was most likely the man was speaking in English to inform him of the punishment he was to receive, "I think you and I are going to have some fun!" The man smiled grimly.

Monthly casualties (for all intents and purposes people sold into slavery are deemed dead):

•Porlos Secessionist Army: 17

•Colonial Legionnaires: 22

•Porlos Unionist army: 2

•Civilian: 13

The Plebiscite (Western Porlos):

Thousands of Porlosians have made their way to the ballot box to determine whether they want to remain under Chimor rule, become an independent state or have more powers devolved to each tribe (they would have control over all affairs individually save defence and foreign policy which would be overseen by the Chimor).

The split (Western Porlos):

Following the kidnapping of several Porlosians and subsequent sale of these people into slavery by members of the Porlos Secessionist Army the PSA has been thrown into turmoil, resulting in the division of the PSA into several smaller groups and some have joined ranks in the Western Porlos Independence Collective.

•The Provisional PSA has an estimated 4000 members and is comprised of Porlos Secessionists seeking to further the goals of the original PSA without what they deem "The heathenry that resulted in the fragmentation of the original PSA" (i.e. attacks on suspected Unionist members, torture and slavery) the organisation has a public face, Gu'aly who is willing to negotiate with other smaller groups to achieve Porlosian unity and to a lesser extent the Chimor to eradicate the Real PSA.

•The Real PSA, the group of the PSA that instigated the sale of suspected unionists and colonial legionnaires to slavers, they have expressed regret that some civilians were sold however are willing to sell more legionnaires into slavery to achieve funding. They are headed by Agent Y who orchestrated the bombing at Hyan and have around 1500 members.

•Thaius (The burdened), this is a small group operating around the city of Chimor landing. They have around 200 members.

•Yutus (The free), this is another smaller group operating in the savannahs of Porlos, typically they do very little except loan members to other groups - essentially being a Secessionist mercenary group, they have around 900 members.

•Around 3000 members moved to the Western Porlos Independence Collective.

Monthly casualties:
•59 Porlos Secessionist Army
•7 civilians

The Plebiscite - Hyan (Eastern Porlos)

Viceroy Zu'al stood upon the podium outside the tribal confederacy building, in his hand a golden envelope.

"The results of the Western Porlosian Plebiscite are as follows- the independence movement 30% of the vote, the remain under complete Chimor rule 34% and the greater autonomy vote 35%. 1% of the population have abstained the vote, I hope that this does something to ease the tension on the Western isle; the Chimor have been gracious in granting such a vote and I shall personally fight for their interests whilst negotiating with the Western Porlos Independence Collective to deliver real change to those on the western isle. Should the confederacy be split into two assemblies I wish to thank deputy viceroy Pi'jaa for the dedication he has shown to both his tribe and all Porlosians and shall continue to be grateful as we continue to work together as leaders. Thank you."

Thaius Rising - Chimor Landing (Western Porlos)

Ti'la stood on the balcony of her house, the moon was shining brightly at her. She had been born to a Chimor mother and Porlosian father, however she could never forgive her mother for dying when she was three years old. Over time she became more and more resentful of her mother's culture, much to her father's horror. She now had him strung up by his ankles at the top of the city clock tower for his insolence.

She had managed to assemble 200 former PSA members after the collapse due to her renowned brutality towards the Chimor and their supporters and leadership skills. She had recently paid for 300 Yutus fighters along with 70 of her own men to attack a real PSA hideout which she believed could be harbouring Agent Y. She had sworn to him she'd make him her arch nemesis given the decision he made to sell superior Porlosian blood to the inferior savages of Vespia. So she stood waiting. Eventually she received a call on her radio set, the line she heard both disappointed and thrilled her,

"Y is not here, but we have his deputy."