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The Sovereign: Closure of Fort Kanith Gasworks marks end of an era

Nov 7, 2017
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Fort Kanith, Kanith Governorate - In the country's southernmost city, an era has come to an end. Fort Kanith Gasworks was built in 1932 under the pre-colonial reactionary regime. It once provided heat to every residency throughout Kanith Island, receiving daily shipments of coal to the Fort Kanith dockworks that would be converted into flammable gasses. The gasworks continued to operate through the Great Imperialist War and the Caphiravian Occupation, under which they were transferred to foreign owners as part of "reparations". After workers' victory in the Revolutionary War the gasworks was nationalised and placed under the management of the National Gasworkers' Union until its last days.

The gasworks have played an important role in the history the workers' struggle in Fort Kanith. During the Revolutionary War, the gasworkers organised illegally and led many valiant strike actions in defiance of the colonial oppressors. The most famous of these actions was the Fort Kanith Gasworks Strikes of 1976, in which the workers selectively cut off heating to colonial offices and neighbourhoods inhabited by the families of colonial officials in the dead of winter. The Martyrs of these labour struggles are to be memorialised in a monument that will be erected on the grounds of the soon-to-be-demolished gasworks.


The Fort Kanith Gasworks was the last facility of its kind left in operation in Kazirstan. All other gasworks have been replaced by safer and more efficient methods of heating such as geothermal, electric, and natural gas heating. With the completion of Kanith Geothermal Plant № 1, the island governorate will finally have access to the modern and ecological geothermal heating enjoyed by much of the nation. The new Kanith plant was constructed as part of the 10th Five Year Plan for the National Economy of the People's Republic. Through heroic deeds of labour, the Plant was completed ahead of schedule and will be opened in time for the 50th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the People's Republic.

The Gasworks' over 450 workers are currently enrolled in retraining programs and will be guaranteed jobs at the new geothermal plant. The Kanith branch of the National Gasworkers Union was the last branch to actually include gasworkers, the name will be kept for traditional reasons and the union will manage the new geothermal plant.