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(Aurora) Just a week after Roseneyans across the country celebrated the start of the playoffs for the Roseney Baseball League, with the first game scheduled to start next week, readers were shocked to find on the front page of The Daily Times an article calling for the restoration of order in Roseney, citing the "collapse of the government" and a rising anarchist movement. They then suggested annexing the Commonwealth of Roseney into Helvianir directly, effectively ending nearly a century of independence. This article has stunned the nation and the government, which quickly responded by condemning the article and asking for clarification from Helvianir, asking if that was the government's perspective or simply a rogue journalist from one of the nation's largest newspapers. Although it would be inaccurate to cite our situation as being stable, the threats of annexation, if true, would be tantamount to an act of war. Yes, Roseney is currently facing a serious debt crisis and is currently three weeks into a government shutdown, and we are in the midst of a small recession, and there are talks of a snap-election due to this crisis, but the nation is far from being considered anarchic. Perhaps they mistook local county and town governments taking more responsibility for themselves as a state of anarchy, or the autonomy of Devereaux as a sign of this so-called anarchy.

Regardless, this article does highlight the cooling relations between Roseney and Helvianir. Although culturally similar and friendly in recent years Helvianir's insensitive views towards Roseneyans has led to increased, albeit minor tensions. For example, there is increased support for removing Helvianir's naval forces from PNAB, and even rising support for ending the monarchy. Ten years ago, only 3% of Roseneyans supported that, but now, in 2037, that number has skyrocketed to 17%, most of which originates from the Roseney-Monteangelo War, or RosCom War, which still reverberates in the local economy. Tourism from Helvianir to Roseney has shrunk, as have foreign investments and attention from the mother country. Even the government is now reflecting the frostiness of the times, with Premier Harriet Alvaredo cancelling a state trip to Helvianir that is to take place next month. After taking office in August 2031 in the waning days of the RosCom War, she has rebuilt much of the nation's pride, but recent economic troubles have caused some chaos in the government. It was no surprise when in August 2036 that the Conservative Party maintained their majority, but now a year later as economic woes worsen and now there is a shortfall in funds with the government shut down and debt on the rise, there is a possibility of a new election at the start of next year. Despite these reports, it was concerning for The Daily Times to characterize these events as anarchy, and even more concerning that members of Helvianir's parliament were considering intervening.