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AURORA - It's been four weeks since the Roseney Government fell thanks to a deadlocked debate on budget allocations. Now there are reports that the once so peaceful island is slowly becoming the victim of anarchist movements and corrupt politicians who prefer to fill their wallets rather than govern the country.

The United Kingdom, concerned about the safety of the naval base on the island, has decided to send observers to Roseney in the hope that Roseney can once again form a strong government, which of course also keeps the interests of our kingdom on the agenda. Anyway, the storm clouds above the island are still clearly visible, and parliament is worried. Sources within parliament have observed that both houses are willing to reintegrate Roseney into the kingdom, in order to keep the peace. The opposition calls this open colonization of a sovereign country.

But can you really call it colonization?
We share the same monarch, a common history, and after all, Roseney belongs to the Commonwealth realm, countries where our monarch is also head of state.
Coupled with the fact that we take over the defence of the island, but also offer financial assistance, it is fair to say that we can turn our investments into profits.

It would be crazy to see everything we put on this island just go away, no right-thinking country would allow it. Therefore it is in everyone's interest that Roseney is stable, and if that means that we return them back to our kingdom, then so it is.
It is also important for this region to remain under the influence of the United Kingdom, we cannot allow the authoritarians of Monteangelo to lock things up in this area, it is at odds with our values and values, and the freedoms that the citizens of Roseney now have.

We are doing our best for them.

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