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Venceia, Capital Province, Caphiria
Weeks after Senate President Bruco de la Lyconcerva issued a public announcement regarding military intervention into Venceia's western neighbor Veltorina, it was revealed that a military operation by the name of YELLOW SALVATION was planned and executed over the last week. This operation was to annex the state of Veltorina by the Imperium of Caphiria and as a result, started a military intervention in the area. While the public knew of a military operation existing in the region, the details of which have been made public reveal much more than the Senate President made it out to be.

The 114th Legion of the Imperial Legion - also known within the military as the Deathstalkers - led a high risk operation in Veltornia that was pretty cut and dry: Their mission was to infiltrate the state and capture strategic points to essentially occupy the country to make way for the Imperial Senate to approve an annexation referendum. A firefight occurred at one of the locations, the Agriklion military base where casualties on both sides occured. Approximately 850 Caphiriavans was killed in action during this firefight. It is currently unclear how many Veltornian casualties there are.

The Veltornian capital of Constantinople was simultaneously sieged as its major centers of finance and transportation were attacked and occupied, though this also created dissent amongst Veltorians caught in the crossfire. It is clear that lines were drawn, with pro-Imperium and anti-Imperium taking up arms to combat the Caphiravian military, as well as each other. This sparked a pseudo-civil war within the region that the Veltornian government and its military were not equipped to deal with, causing even more political instability as its military was spread thin.

All of this culminated into an emergency meeting with Veltornian parliamentary members trying to figure out a solution to the chaos, the result of which was the High Court of Veltornia declared the dissolution of the current government, leading to the formation of the Free State of Veltornia. This incited a full on civil war and functioning anarchy in the region, as more anti-Imperium forces grew to form a full resistance. The Caphiriavan army seemed to maintain non-lethal tactics against civilians however, even going so far as to instruct Veltornians to replace their Veltornian license plates with Caphiravian ones, and also set up an extensive system of security checkpoints to patrol the Veltornian population. 400,000 Veltornian citizens left the country after the invasion, and a network of safe houses was established for those who remained and joined the resistance.

Earlier this week, The Imperial Senate of Caphiria convened a meeting in which they would discuss the future of Veltornia. Taking less than an hour, the special meeting was over and the verdict was reached that Senate President Bruco de la Lyconcerva would install a “special” government consisting of 200 Senators and 2 Consuls to preserve what remains of the integrity of the newly-created Free State of Veltornia, as well as bring stability to the region.

Following this announcement, the Free State of Veltornia revealed that it would sign a Treaty of Accession to Caphiria and the government of the Free State would meet with the Imperium to lay out terms for the immediate admission of the Free State of Veltorina into the Imperium of Caphiria.

Terms of the treaty include full withdrawal of all Veltornian armed forces from the region, though the Ministry of Defense announced that it would allow any former Veltornian into the Imperial Armed Forces pending a Citizenship application.

It is expected that ratification of the treaty will occur within the next week.