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The Daily Promitor: News from the Imperium #02

Jul 11, 2015
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The Daily Promitor
Breaking News from Caphiria

Venceia, Capital Province, Caphiria

Speaking from inside of the Rovsea Room of the Forum Magnum, Senate President Bruco de la Lyconcerva issued a public announcement regarding his previous statement about a possible military intervention into Venceia's western neighbor Veltorina. The public announcement was preceded by an eleven-hour meeting with the Imperator and all key members within the Imperium. However it is unclear what was discussed during that meeting. Furthermore, the Imperator continues his absence from the public eye and we only learned of his sudden arrival -- and departure -- due to the Praetorian Guard's movements.

Princeps Senatus Lyconcerva's statement is as follows:

"With oversight from Imperator Constantinus and guidance from the Ministry of Diplomacy and Imperial Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces of Caphiria, a covert military operation was initiated at five this morning. This primary objective of this operation was to secure key points within the state of Veltorina, namely within two cities: Amorium and the capital Constantinople. At approximately 8:22 this morning, a strike force consisting of 5,000 legionaries began to invade and occupy these key points, including the international airport in Constantinople and small military bases and centers of finance in Amorium.

This strike force was operating directly under command from Imperator Constantinus who oversaw the entire operation from planning to execution. The Imperator is acting on confirmed intelligence that were the Imperium not to intervene, there would be a series of terrorist attacks carried out against pro-Imperial Catholic communities with the potential to kill thousands of innocent lives. Were that not enough, the Ministry of Diplomacy intercepted an encrypted exchange between a high ranking Veltorinan politician and a group with heavy ties to Burgundie. I am not at liberty to disclose the contents of the exchange due to national security, but it does confirm a widely-held suspicion that Burgundie has been funding in some way, the military of Veltorina.

Let me be clear: This is not an act of war. This is not an act of aggression. This is not an act of annexation. The Imperium of Caphiria will be occupying and maintain the occupation of key points within Veltorina until we are able to secure the political seat of power and ultimately restore peace within its borders and throughout the entirety of the continent.

With that being said, we do expect some minor conflicts which may result in minor casualties should the Veltorinan military engage with the strike force. Should the Veltorinan military engage in some form of a counter-offensive, this would trigger the Relix Protocol and Imperator Constantinus has already prepared a referendum for war. Let us hope it does not come to that. Contrary to popular belief, war is not inevitable."


  • Fortuna Institute has revealed plans to establish its first international campus. It is holding a contest of sorts to select the country and city in which it will build and open its second campus. As Fortuna is Caphiria's most prestigious university, as well as the world's largest endowment, the economic and academic boost that the recipient country would receive would more than cover the enormous projected $8.9 billion cost.

  • The criminal organization known as the Savatu Brotherhood continues to grow despite increasing pressures on it. Most recently, the organization has been accused of kidnapping and murdering key witnesses in an internationally-ongoing criminal trial of one of its senior members. The organization has also begun human trafficking to and from Punth, with wealthy individuals using Punthite slaves in their homes.

  • Silver Lineworks, the robotic division of Quicksilver Industries, has plans to announce their first consumer product. It is speculated to be a consumer version of their military-grade MPDU robot, the cryptic-named MPDU-Type-D4 "Brass Cougar".

  • Local Caphiriavan politician Irasur Valyrian, currently serving as City Prefect of Aralina in the Celralis Province, has formally thrown his hat into the ring of potential candidates for Praetor of Celralis. Though public elections are still several years away, it is common for lesser-known politicians to announce earlier to drum up national support and coverage. (Hey it's working if we're covering him.)

  • Heiress to the Imperial House of Panther, newly-divorced Lucretia Panther has been photographed in the Sea of Orixtal, off of the coast of Moonlight Cay. She was seen on a yacht that seemed to be owned by a wealthy Kiravian.