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After a year of preparations, the Radio Nacional, alongside Televisión Federal de Palmeria (TFP) and Font Broadcast Corporation (the official news agency) have offically merged to form a new consortium of audiovisual public services: the Agencia Federal de Broadcasting or AFB.

The AFB was established under a presidential decree and operates under the Ministry of Communications. Its work is funded principally by an annual television licence fee which is charged to all Palmerian households, companies, and organisations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts. The fee is set by the Palmerian government, and approved by Congress and used to fund the AFB's radio, TV, and online services. Since this month, it will also start the AFB-E (AFB al Exterior/ AFB abroad) which broadcasts in 20 languages and provides comprehensive TV and radio.

Based in Albalitor, AFB-E is now a major worldwide operation serving print media, radio, television, online, mobile phones, and national news agencies.
The AFB has now become the largest news agency in Palmeria.
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