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— Magnimperium, Imperium Capitis, Cronzcovina —
Cronzcovinic 2033 Election Results.png
Green - The Las Acronitas Revolutionaries - Eleven Provinces
Blue - The Cronzcovinic Unity Party - Six Provinces
Grey - The National Conservative Party of Cronzcovina - Four Provinces
Red - The Pohrank Freedom Party - Four Provinces
Brown - The Traditional Conservative Party of Cronzcovina - Three Provinces
Yellow - The Magnavinic Anti-Establishment Party - Two Provinces
(The Stygian Quadrium) — Hundreds of thousands of Cronzcovinics shouted with glee as Craig and Chris Adelrick leave the capitol building. The legacy of the national conservative party was abruptly ended in just a few days. With a vote of no confidence triggering an election after the BMO Bogshire Tower attack the NDPC knew they couldn't pull through in light of the attack. People were furious and violently quick to blame the NDPC for their neglect and arrogance, and were ready to vote for radical change. By winning in eleven states in many large population centers, it was clear that revolution was at the foot of Cronzcovina. Our population is more split than ever before, with every party winning at more than two states there's only potential for this to worsen. The LAR has already announced plans to drag our country into a war against the Punthite Republic, a far off country in Central Punth. This has already prompted Pankara, a highly militaristic and authoritative nation, to declare total war against Cronzcovina and any nations willing to stand by our side. It's a scary time for all of Ixnay, and we're being dragging the world down with us kicking and screaming. We can only stand strong against the tyranny of Ixnay, even if we may be just as tyrannical ourselves.

— Cabo San Klon, Anta Principa Districio, Anta Carda —
In response to Pankara's declaration of total war and the Punthite Republic's presumed oncoming declaration of war, Cronzcovina has set out to build its alliances in Punth. Cronzcovina's main allies in the region are Anta Carda, Ehemo, and Kelekona, with Varshan being supportive as well. Cronzcovina has sought to build on its alliances in Punth for a long time now and has always genuinely pursued greater friendship with these countries but has been focusing on developing its foreign relations with nations in Crona, Ixnay, and Levantia. But today in Anta Carda our new leader Camron Accomendor of the LAR party signed onto the Defense of the 25th Parallel pact, or the D25. This pact will work to defend freedom and the sovereignty of the countries along the 25th parallel, and fight against those who want to see the pact fall. It marks both an era of cooperation with Cronzcovina's Punth allies, but also war against its Punth enemies. This is setting up to one of the biggest conflicts in modern history, and we hope to see Cronzcovina come out on top.
In other news:
- Relations with the Mortropiv Union are improving as the union agreed to join P-CAI. The reconciliation process with the Mortropiv Union is going fairly well overall, but are coming to a halt as the LAR takes power in Cronzcovina.
- The LAR announced that it had plans to continue develop of a project the previous administration would only call "Project Salvo". They said that the project would be a major leap in military technology, and has potential to change how warfare is conducted.
- Alpha Boreal's economy has continued to show promise as global temperature rises have opened up the reason to increased Sea of Nordska oil drilling. As well the military complex in Alpha Boreal has continued to be a sign of dominance for Cronzcovina in the Boreal region, which has secured the oil market in the upper Sea of Nordska and allowed it to be largely Cronzcovinic controlled.