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— Sevretгy District, Alpha Boreal, Cronzcovina —​

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(Alpha Boreal High Arctic Military Complex) — The first major military exercises have been conducted at the Alpha Boreal High Arctic Military Complex today with our troops training in winter warfare, arctic naval combat, search and rescue drills, and a variety of other exercises to test the capability of the Cronzcovinic Armed Forces thus far. These military exercises are being conducted alongside the Burgundie Armed Forces in an effort to strengthen the Cronz-Burgundie Cooperative Arctic Brigade. As of now operations have been going swimmingly in Alpha Boreal, proving to the Cronzcovinic citizens that the arctic expedition of 2021 was one of great importance and subsequent reward. Many Cronzcovinics are worried that Cronzcovina's increasing interest in Borealis could be a point of contention on the international stage, but the government for the most part seems to be complacent with this fact. This can be seen visibly as a multitude of nuclear submarines have been moved to the base as of recent, showing the average Cronzcovinic a hint of mal-intent on the part of the government, though we all know better then to stick our nose where it doesn't belong. In the end it is always nice to see Cronzcovina's sovereignty upheld throughout the globe, and we can only hope this doesn't cause tensions to rise to an unnecessary degree.

— Los Nerivas, Trilalciema, Cronzcovina —​
The Nerivas Nitro Racing team garnered its first two points in the Kiravian Grand Prix with Saul Fleto taking home ninth place, though Alte Diatise received a DNF. The race was the team's first victory since joining the International Racing Federation, and it has brought not only pride, but hope the racing fans of Cronzcovina. This has been dubbed as a step in the right direction for the team, though many skeptics predict this was a fluke win and will not be consistent. We interviewed Saul Fleto on his take on the victory, and what it means for Cronzcovina:

"Would you say this is the beginning of promise for the Cronzcovinic team?" we asked. "I wouldn't say it's fair to judge yet, as we joined late in the season and had to prepare very quickly for the season. Logistically, joining the season was not a great idea, given we are put at a guaranteed disadvantage, but we along with the people at Nerivas Nitro knew we had to represent Cronzcovina at Los Nerivas. That's not the kind of event we can just let Cronzcovinic's watch without there people competing for them." he responded. "Would you say the reactions to the team have been good so far?" we asked. "They've been mixed for sure, and I don't blame anyone for that. It was disappointing to not perform well at Los Nerivas, but we couldn't have hoped for much better. That's why Alte and I have been working tirelessly to bring some pride to the Cronzcovinics overseas, and we've found varying success in that department. Overall, I have no doubt our performance will be better next season, so we'll keep trying our best until we get there." He responded before he had to leave.

As Saul said, the results won't be great at the beginning, which a lot of die hard racing fans expected anyway at the time of the announcement. We still all love to watch Alte and Saul representing Cronzcovina abroad, even if it's not what we were all expecting. That being said, we must keep pushing our racers to the limit to ensure they compete the best they can.

In other news:
- The Bank of Magnimperium's received an ominous threat yesterday after the bank made a large donation to the Las Acronitas Revolutionary party the week before. The threat suggested an attack on one of the bank's primary locations in Cronzcovina, though the precise city was not mentioned.
- The provincial government of Mardelle Sudeste has continued to push for increased gun control measures alongside Euroborough, Vidausyse, Gulftrack, Vandenys Gurges, Panstagnum, Negavitabe, and Voragon Precipita. This an alarming sign of not only the loss of the right to carry and administer firearms to the general public, but a sign that the National Conservative Party of Cronzcovina is losing support across the nation.
- The Cronzcovinic government recently met in a historic meeting with the Gothi of the Mortropiv Union to discuss the lifting of long standing economic barriers against Cronzcovina. The Cronzcovinic government has agreed to begin talks on reconciliation talks for the Mortropiv people.
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