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The Stoke Premiership comes to a close after another successful year for Thompson United FC.

On June 27, 2018, the latest season of the Stoke Premiership, a national football league in Rylestoke, has ended after FC Delpiero and South Cove played in a crucial final game of the season, with Delpiero securing their spot in the top 3 with a win over their opponents.
A successful campaign by favourites Thompson United, who came first place for the second time in the last five years. Among the star players for Thompson United included four-time RFA MVP Alejandro Mendiosa and star defender Calvin Norwood.
A surprising campaign from recently-promoted AC Sancarlos to finish 10th in the standings after a five year struggle in the second division.
This season was great for prolific goalscorer Martin de Santis who scored 21 goals in 26 games for Churchill FC, and Alejandro Mendiosa led the league in assists with 17 assists in 28 games for the league leaders Thompson United.
At the top of the table stands Thompson United, Churchill FC, and FC Delpiero. A depressing campaign for North Cape FC, who recently lost some players due to contract expiry, and finished second to last in the table after an impressive 9-year spell in the premiership. In last place comes Noveden United, finishing with only 4 wins in all 30 matches.
Here is how the league stands after all 30 matches.
1. Thompson United

2. Churchill FC
3. FC Delpiero
4. Cambridge United

5. Real Allando
6. Twin Cities
7. Fort Winston FC
8. South Cove
9. FC Island
10. AC Sancarlos
11. Townsend Bay
12. Real Tupeña
13. CF Castropilo

14. Casaluego CF
15. North Cape FC
16. Noveden United
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