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Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 5 (Special Update Edition)

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Sep 1, 2017
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May 2031
Vol. 1 No. 5
Motorsports News

Special Update Edition
As we pass the quarter mark of the 2031 Grand Prix Racing season, we find ourselves in the midst of a close and exciting championship race. While the frontrunners include Corse Hermès S.A. driver Jacob Asana and Anghel Octan Racing driver Carla Helvet, four other drivers are within a single race's striking distance of the lead and we have twelve more to go in the series; plenty of time for anything to happen. Aside from a tight championship fight, however, there are several other emerging storylines and events that will be covered in this Special Edition of Sports Illuminated Motorsports News.

Corse Hermès S.A. has always had a reputation for preferring Insuian drivers much to the delight of the dedicated local fans: the Hermesi. This has been a safe choice over the years as the junior series in Insui have consistently delivered high calibre drivers and Jacob Asana is no different. By now a veteran driver with the red team, Asana has taken part in some of the most intense championship battles through the 2020s including three victories, the most recent of which came just last year. Considering the strength of Hermès in recent years few doubted that Asana would be a frontrunner, but the closeness of the race remains surprising. Conversely, the other Hermès driver, Alequé Silva, has struggled to achieve as consistently as her teammate only taking her first victory of the season last week out in Reçêpistan in an upset victory projecting her from 8th into 5th in the championship fight. If able to replicate this kind of feat, Silva could easily find herself in close contention for the 2031 title, already holding one under her belt from the 2028 series.

Corse Hermès S.A. drivers Jacob Asana left and Alequé Silva right

Challenging the defending champions is Anghel Octan Racing from Monteangelo, whose drivers Carla Helvet and Gion Hilaire hold second and third in the Drivers Championship at this time while the team more broadly leads the Constructors Championship. This performance was unexpected by most at the beginning of the season and this may be the first time the team has a car capable of competing for the title. The team's number 1 driver, Carla Helvet, has been with the team since debuting as a young driver in 2021 at 20 years of age. In ten years with the team, Helvet secured 10 Grand Prix win, the most recent at her home race this year. Her teammate, the younger Gion Hilaire who joined the team in 2027 has historically only won a single race and remains winless this year, but consistent strong performances have carried him into third thus far.

Anghel Octan Racing drivers Carla Helvet left and Gion Hilaire right

The next strongest team is Imperial Cola Racing which has contested the dominance of Corse Hermès over the past decade. With two young and capable drivers in their lineup, the Pauldustlllahani team will have to rein in their energy and skill in order to advance further in the championship. Dan Richards, the native driver and two years his teammate's senior, has demonstrated through more consistent and patient driving that the team's package is capable of contesting the others, especially if they can maintain their technological lead over the rest of the field as more upgrades are made over the season. Following their performance in Reçêpistan, most experts agree that Imperial Cola has the best car on the grid for the moment. Perhaps more prominent in the news is the team's younger driver, Verstellus.

Now in his second season having just turned 19 years old after the Palmerian Grand Prix, Maximus Porcius "Maxim" Verstellus came up to Grand Prix Racing after dominating the junior series in his home of Caphiria. After an inaugural drive with home team Quicksilver Racing, Verstellus jumped ship and joined Imperial Cola for this season. Recognized as a great racer at a young age, many have already claimed that he has the makings of a champion, but his aggressiveness on track and relative inexperience on a number of the more exotic circuits are undermining his chances for this year. Off the track, the young Caphiravian driver has feuded with the older Burgundian, Franc-Jean Hippolyte de Bedecq, the Count of Valsoix regarding the latters age and inconsistency thus far. Despite exchanges of words and media hype comparing the rival drivers to the equally rival powers of Burgundie and Caphiria, the two have yet to battle intensely on-track and many look forward to this rivalry actually coming to a head.

Caphiravian-born Imperial Cola Racing driver Maximus Porcius Verstellus

At 42 years of age, the Count of Valsoix is by far the oldest driver on the grid, entering the sport late professionally in 2018 at 29 years old. Both the means by which he earned his super license and displaced a driver on his family's team earned the ire and scepticism of drivers and fans alike, but in the ensuing decade he has managed to secure his position in the paddock and on the track. As his age catches up with him, however, the Count de Valsoix is broadly rumoured to be considering retirement at the end of this season. The beginning of the season thus far has been shaky for the deBedecq team as both drivers have posted inconsistent results in the first corner. While there is plenty of time remaining in the season, the fate of the team remains in limbo. Should the Count retire (a near certainty according to many racing media outlets), there are doubts that number 2 driver Brigida Alba is up to the task of leading the team.

The season thus far has also proven disastrous for O'Shea HIS Motorsports and Quicksilver Racing, the latter of which is not improving on its lukewarm reentry to motorsports following a 50 year absence. In the two-and-a-half decades since their return, Quicksilver is perhaps having its worse season yet following the departure of Maxim Verstellus. While team staff insist further upgrades will make the team more competitive, the broader community has its doubts.

Looking to the future, two new additions to the Grand Prix Racing world promise to shake things up a bit.

While the Kistani company Target (Targaidt) has openly expressed an interest in organizing a racing team, the projected entry of Target Motorsports was not until at least next season. However, the company shocked and excited fans by announcing that they will be entering ready for the Levantx Grand Prix next week. A degree of subterfuge and a sense for the dramatic was certainly in play both on the part of Target and the International Racing Federation, but Target Motorsports has already unveiled their new car as well as their driver lineup. Both drivers are Kistani rookies who took their national junior series by storm and only earned their super licenses last year. Each considered immensely talented, Lucian Walsh and Bronn Helde are entering the sport behind on championship points, but with legions of Kistani fans excited for representation to return to the highest level of open-wheeled racing in the world. The greatest question following this shocking unveiling will be whether or not Target Motorsports will be able to provide them with a powerful enough car; whether or not the team's entry is coming too soon. With very few details available regarding the development of the car and few sponsors at this time, observers and experts are sceptical of the team's early performance, but interested to see if Target will be caught at the back of the pack, if they will be able to fight in the midfield, or if the car has the potential to charge all the way to the front.

Another fresh addition to Grand Prix Racing will be the Kazirstan Grand Prix in three weeks, following the classic Levantx Grand Prix as the Grand Prix Racing circus makes its way eastward. The inaugural Grand Prix to be held in the capital of Karakol promises to give new insights to the historically insular nation as it opens its doors to the international community. The brand new purpose-built Ai'thii-Zii'chanthooyuh Autodrome is unproven and in fact is currently being graded for tire hardness by IRF officials at the time of publishing. Regardless, early forecasts for the weekend project rain in some degree which may do well to shake up the event regardless.

This wraps up a Special Edition Update for the quarter mark of what so far has been a very exciting season of Grand Prix Racing. Please follow us next week for our coverage of the Levantx Grand Prix and all Grand Prix Racing news. Also within this issue, we'd appreciate if our readers would participate in our poll for which team has the best livery (link to album of liveries here).
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