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Haydez, Monteangelo
3 Eurides, Uential, Maquisador, 137
15 October 2032

Students across Monteangelo walked out of classes today in protest of alleged brutality committed by the Gendarmerie. Students and informal youth groups have increasingly been subjected to the attention of the Gendarmerie over the past two years. This focus correlated with an anti-sedition program pioneered by the Gendarmerie which has resulted in the detainment of reportedly thousands of youths across the island, though formal indictments on such charges have been extremely rare.

In protest, students took to the streets in addition to the walkout, refusing to return to the government-operated institutions until they are provided with guarantees of their civil liberties. International students may have expected to continue attending classes during the walkout, but have instead found many buildings at the main Haydée campus of the UofH and the Sainct-Galle campus of the SGIT have been shuttered. This reportedly led to an informal walkout from some faculty members while international students have allegedly been informed that they should contact their consulates in the event the strike is long-lasting.

In a statement to the press, student union leaders declared that: "We are prepared to stake our education and our futures on guarantees of personal safety. Every moment we remain out of classes costs the government. They cannot deny this generation as the future and we fully intend to hold the authorities accountable for their actions."

In response to the strike action, Gendarmerie officials reported that the action was "expected" and that they would abide by the strike "so long as the demonstration remains peaceful and does not pose a threat to the order and laws of the nation."

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