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Haydez, Monteangelo
4 Terminides, Moissonal, Fructidor, 136

11 September 2032
Protests were sparked across the island of Monteangelo as students organized against the Gendarmerie which has been accused of targeting youths on unsubstantiated charges of seditious activities. Claims against the Gendarmerie surfaced last February amid a series of arrests against musicians, artists, and large gatherings of allegedly unruly youths. The situation became controversial as the State judicial system declined to prosecute the grand majority of these cases leading to tension between the two branches of Monteangelo's uniformed services. "Anti-sedition" operations continued to be carried out by the Gendarmerie over the following months with Gendarmerie officials maintaining that they were "abiding by the legal precedents of the nation" and "preserving national security."

With the return to classes for Monteangeline students in the fall, Gendarmerie presence was expanded in and around campuses nation-wide, a move which was criticized by various student groups at the outset of the scholastic year. Citing previous grievances, the student unions of the University of Haydez, the Sainct-Galles Institute of Technology, and the Monteangelo Trade and Vocational College jointly announced that they would hold a strike vote amongst post-secondary students against the government-operated schools of the country. A representative of the University of Haydez student union and graduate student in civil administration, Alexandre Iolys-Cartier, announced that the strike vote would be held before the end of the month but was hesitant to provide more details, fearing intervention from the Gendarmerie.

An independent announcement from Estienne Brusli, spokesperson for the Labour Wing of the Carelline Tea Cartel, expressed solidarity with the students stating that "The overreaching of authority on the part of any component of our state presents a hazard to our prosperity and freedom." While no official comment has been made, an anonymous source reported that a general strike in solidarity with the students was being considered; a shocking development considering the importance of the Carelline Tea Cartel to the nation's economy and the close relationship the company has with the government of Monteangelo.

For their part, the Gendarmerie has reiterated their stance regarding potentially subversive activities and issued a somewhat ambiguous statement in response to the strike vote announcement, stating: "The Gendarmerie will not impede the efforts of groups to collectively represent themselves, but will continue to ensure civil order even if it requires disbanding unlawful assemblies." Both the Estat and the Armade declined to provide official statements upon request, stating that the situation had been acknowledged and was being reviewed internally.


Aser, Monteangelo
7 Terminides, Moissonal, Fructidor, 136

14 September 2032

Several months following the conclusion of the disastrous RosCom Crisis which saw a shocking and tragic loss of life on both sides, a report and analysis of the debacle is believed to have been completed and is now circulating among the top brass of all three branches of service. Several operational and technical aspects of the conflict, as well as a lack of preparedness for outright conflict, led to the deaths of 82 Monteangelines and about twice as many Roseneyans following a breakdown in communication after RosCom violated its contract with the Octan Petroleum Company, thereby denying Monteangelo access to oil unlawfully and without warning.

While it is likely that the report will not be fully declassified for decades depending on its contents the chairperson of the investigatory committee, Sara Auenzelle, has been seen at various government offices across the island and the Octan Petroleum Company has disclosed that the assets and records of the company were audited as part of the investigation, leaving onlookers to merely speculate at the full implications of the investigation.

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