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Haydez, Monteangelo
1 Pommelides, Uential, Maquisador, 137
23 October 2032

Reports have confirmed that last night the offices of the Octan Petroleum Company were raided by Monteangeline authorities. Eyewitnesses originally reported a number of government-marked vehicles arrived at #1 Octan Tower shortly before midnight. While building security granted access to the authorities, private Octan security personnel were seen being handcuffed and detained in the building's entry gallery. Witnesses also reported that the government authorities appeared to come from all three branches, leading to speculation that the raid was an operation by Les Invalides, the nation's inter-branch intelligence service, rather than a police action by the Gendarmerie or an audit.

Les Invalides first entered into the public consciousness in the 1970s when enormous budgetary contributions to veterans' hospitals were discovered despite no recent military engagements and an utter lack of injured veterans. The organization has since become an open secret in Monteangelo, maintaining the name Les Invalides or "the invalids" as a reference to its cover.

While no official comment has been made, additional anonymous reports from this morning suggest that key staff of the Octan Petroleum Company have also been taken into custody. The company which relocated to Monteangelo just over a year ago after signing exclusive rights to provide the island with petroleum and petroleum products has suffered some controversy following the RosCom Debacle in which the company was at the centre of following a contractual breakdown between the company and Roseney's own national gas and petroleum company. The breakdown led to a protracted armed conflict which saw the deaths of many Monteangelines and Roseneyans alike. While the conflict concluded in August of 2031, Monteangelo remains under sanction by the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth realms.

In other news, the Carelline Tea Cartel has announced its interest in researching an arcology project. A spokesperson for the Cartel reiterated concerns that climate change could harm the local tea industry with the threat of rising water levels from melting polar ice caps due to the massive consumption of fossil fuels across the world. The Monteangeline tea industry, which is largely located in the island's lowlands, accounts for a majority of the island's exports, totaling over $500 billion (international dollars) for the national economy. While expensive, the CTC noted that the with the current trajectory of the climate these sorts of projects may be the best hopes for humanity to whether a global crisis in the future.

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