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Haydez, Monteangelo
1 Tropoyides, Nuabial, Maquisador, 137
12 November 2032

The student strike in Monteangelo has entered into its 4th week, disrupting post-secondary education in protest of the unlawful detention of youths conducted by the Gendarmerie. Critics of the strike have suggested that the action is aimless, though student union representatives have maintained that they are only seeking an affirmation from the Gendarmerie that they will not infringe upon the rights and freedoms of youths to express themselves. Thus far, the Gendarmerie has declined to make such a statement, citing the necessity to maintain order as a question of national security. The student strike has been deemed to be "mutually destructive" for both the government-funded institutions and the students themselves who are delaying their educations, but analysts from the International Protest and Activism Studies Institute (a left-leaning international think tank) have suggested that this element of "martyrdom" strengthens the position of the students. While no wider strikes have formally been called, the national courier service in Monteangelo has reported incidences of informal work disruption in response to shipping delays, potentially related to sympathies with the striking students. No statement has been made on whether or not these work disruptions have resulted in disciplinary actions.

Following up from a story last week, the CTC's prospective arcology project has received notable backing from several industrialists and intellectuals on the island. Thus far, three local architecture firms have tentatively enlisted on the project while the Environment and Ecological Studies department of the University of Haydez has agreed to dedicate time during the student strike toward consulting on the project with a possible extension should the strike end soon. Climate change is of particular concern to the CTC considering that the Cartel's assets are primarily located in low-lying areas which are susceptible to rising ocean levels while agricultural activities are more generally threatened by climate change and extreme weather. With projections that polar ice sheets are diminishing, potentially resulting in water level increases of 10 m (33 ft) before the end of the century, the CTC is aiming to take precautionary measures well in advance.