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Governor of Lombardia—Manolo Carusone gives final signature for Lombardia's constitution

(COLUMBIA) — Nearly eight months after the collapse of its western neighbor's government, the Insuian federal government has nearly finished it's absorbance of the 20 Vachenan provinces. Back in September, Alahuela assigned 200+ troops to the international border for a planned three months of intervention. As conditions continued to worsen, the people of Insui were unsure of what the government had planned to do next. Eventually, Congress would bring forward the historical Breve de Constitutione. This document, authored when Insui and Vachena were split individually from Caphiria, was to reunify the two over 200 years ago. Political turmoil and the exclusion of Vachena from Insui's first constitution essentially disregarded this agreement at the time. In December, however, the President and Congress, with input from the federal courts, declared the document to still be valid. This allowed for the "justified" annexation of Vachena by the government, something that has proved to be a bit mixed in response.

The move has not gone wholly successful, with dissenters mostly in rural portions of Vachena. The overwhelming majority, however, has been in support of the nearly complete takeover. The federal government has also had a few roadblocks in the sense of admitting some states as the infrastructure plans to integrate them into Insui's highway and transportation network must be agreed upon by the states and the federal government. The government has given a degree of autonomy to larger states in this situation to allow them to, in a sense, personalize their infrastructure networks. The government has also been met with some backlash as the team of surveyors did not always follow former provincial lines when detailing state borders.

"It's important to know that taking over a nation is never an easy process. There is no user manual on annexation. This is something that must be done carefully and with the interests of the populace in mind. Working hand in hand with the governors and representatives of the former provinces to establish state agencies and bodies has proved to be mostly successful. Of course, we have had some opposition, but that's to be expected. Those opposing tend to have ties to the former government. Our goal now is to integrate these new states as quickly as possible, then develop infrastructure plans to bring them up to speed with Insui's systems. We have three more states that have to sign their constitutions into law before we are finished with the actual annexation process. The biggest hurdle is, arguably, the fact that these were provinces in a unitary system. Insui is a federal system, meaning that the states exist in a condition of parallel sovereignty with the federal government. A completely new concept for many Vachenans."

— Julio Sortíz, Insuian Congressman
With most of the initial work complete, many Vachenans and Insuians alike have questioned how the federal government plans to unify the people, especially considering the educational systems, economic models (including currency), and many more national conditions tend to be drastically different between the two. So far, with the states of Lombardia and Trentino, integration has been very simple, with both following systems similar to Verona and Santiago.

"The new form of government that we possess is pretty exciting. We have more power over what we need to accomplish and things we would like to see implemented without having to go through the government for it each time. That was definitely a hindrance on many projects under our former government. We have the power to implement laws that may not be pertinent to other states in the nation. Overall, this has been a pretty straightforward process. One we are grateful to be in following our previous circumstance."

- Manolo Carusone, Governor of Lombardia

The Department of Transportation and other government agencies are set to meet with state governments over the course of the next year to determine what needs to be done and where. The biggest topic circulating around many is defense systems and transportation infrastructure, which are arguably the most expensive situations that must be covered. The government is working around the clock to find the perfect solutions for each problem and is committed to a transparent operation, keeping the public aware of happenings.

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• The Marée Channel Causeway has opened, connecting Sanova to Milan by roadway. Tolls will begin in September.

• Verona's Department of Education will go through a major overhaul at the conclusion of this school year.

• Alahuela will open its new metro network on September 1. The city had previously only had a bus network. The new system introduces a metro rail system and light rail system to the mix, as well as new buses.
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