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Vice President Antonella Picano speaks after a congressional session

(ALAHUELA) — Fears and doubts continue to arise in Insui amid the inevitable collapse of its western neighbor's government. Just six short months ago, the federal government assigned 200+ troops to the international border for a planned three months. As conditions continue to worsened, the people of Insui were unsure of what the government planned to do next. On this past Friday, December 17th, Congress brought to executive attention the Breve de Constitutione. This document, authored when Insui and Vachena were split individually from Caphiria, was to reunify the two over 200 years ago. Political turmoil and the exclusion of Vachena from Insui's first constitution essentially nullified this agreement at the time. Today, Congress calls into question the modern credibility of the document and the difficulty of bringing an entire nation into Insui's borders.

"While we have stated that the crisis in Vachena could permit the use of annexation through mutual agreement to alleviate some of the problems, we must consider the feasibility of such an action. To annex a territory of such size is no easy task and should definitely be done carefully. In any case, with the extreme similarities of the two nations, this is not impossible. However, the consequences of such are something I urge my fellow congressmen and congresswomen to deeply consider."

— Julio Sortíz, Insuian Congressman
With a week of consulting, meeting with respective leaders, and discussing the end goal, Congress, under the supervision of Vice President Antonella Picano, came to a resounding and very clear conclusion.

"We know from prior experience that this move will not be an easy one, and considering the task at hand, we did not expect it to be. Following Monday's congressional session, the federal government and the respective departments of such will begin the process of reunification. Further discussions on infrastructure and other topics will continue throughout the remainder of the year."

- Antonella Picano, Vice President of Insui
Most Vachenans and many Insuians have applauded the federal governments of the two for having come to a conclusion in such a short amount of time. With the conditions across the border beginning to worsen, the clock is ticking with how quickly the government can mobilize to handle the situation.

"The outcome of our home still worries me and will continue to worry me for some time to come. However, I can sleep peacefully knowing that efforts are being made to make the situation better and it wasn't through an act of aggression. I'm thankful that the hard times are seemingly finite and I'll eventually be able to afford basic necessities without leaving my country."

- Marco Saldanha, Vachenan citizen currently staying in Santiago

The decree of Guaranteed Law and Order, which went into effect on June 12 ended just three short months later, and with the withdrawal of those 200 troops stationed along the border, conditions took a turn for the worst. President Rufus Antony had declared a state of "economic emergency" in early 2030, and just in September of this year with the withdrawal of the troops, he formally requested the aid and intervention of Vachena's closest ally. The government of Insui has since stated that it hopes to officially welcome Vachenans as soon as possible. The time frame needed to atleast have the former government dissolved and unify all divergent bodies is currently unknown, but many estimate is could be as early as next March or stretch out into the coming years.

President Cardoso has stated that the new state boundaries would need to be determined, each state would need to frame a proposed state constitution to submit to congress for review, and each constitution ratified by their respective governments. Once this has been accomplished, the federal government would likely begin to bring them up to date with current Insuian states. The conclusion of this congressional session was an optimistic one to say the least, and time will tell if they are able to meet their goal.

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• Department of Labor and Chamber of Representatives to increase the federal minimum wage to R$10, effective January 1, 2033.

• Three bodies found in Rhône river shocks officials; identified as three missing teens from neighboring Aleira.

• Corse Hermès considers relocating racetrack to nations capital, a more accessible location for tourists and increased revenue to boot.