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Vachenans fleeing to neighboring countries in record numbers
(ALAHUELA) — Insui is sending troops to its western border to "guarantee law and order" amid an ongoing crisis which is seeing thousands of Vachenans attempting to cross into neighboring countries and beyond. Insuian President Laura Cardoso signed a decree on Monday to deploy the armed forces to the state of Santiago, making the announcement during a speech from the Presidential Palace.

"We have monitored the ongoing crisis in Vachena for quite some time now. Rather than allow the state to become contagious, it's best that we protect our citizens and assist our neighbor in their darkest hours. Beginning early tomorrow morning, the Department of the Army will mobilize to the State of Santiago's western border, where they shall act as needed to guarantee law and order, both domestically and internationally [between Insui and Vachena]."

— Laura Cardoso
Many Insuians have had suspicions that the federal government had the desire to reunify the two nations after their division over 300 years ago, and this most recent move to station troops at Insui's western border all but confirms this. It is known that many Vachenans have publicly stated they would prefer an act of annexation against their country rather than the government be resuscitated, in fear that the crisis will reoccur. Using this as a leverage point, the federal government could move at any moment to confirm this theory, although that is not to say it wont be met with opposition. With initiatives from other nations ongoing within Vachena, only time will tell of the outcome.

The decree of Guaranteed Law and Order, set to go into effect on June 12 and terminate September 30, will give the 200 troops stationed along the 1400+ km border policing duties as well as fortifying the border. They will also protect the Vachenans migrating into Insui from violent Insuians angered by the commotion.

President Rufus Antony declared a state of "economic emergency" in early 2030, with issues rooted in plummeting currency rates, power struggles within the government, the looming possibility of default and ongoing food shortages. With the introduction of new legislation in an attempt to combat the devaluing Lira, the division in power and opposition to the legislation caused the government to further crumble. The nation is now in a state of disarray and sources state it's only a matter of time before it collapses.

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• Insuian Supreme Court Justice Jorge deSanta has passed at age 81. Memorial to be held at Havana District Gardens this coming Saturday.

• Santa Domenica, Cambria was struck by a magnitude 5.3 earthquake early yesterday. IDGE and Cambria's Office of Emergency Services working around the clock to ensure no major infrastructure or utility damage has occurred, as well as checking with citizens in effected portions of the city.

• The Ecinian Coast Maglev could be completed ahead of schedule. Officials are looking at a Summer 2033 official opening, timely construction permitting.