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[This article was originally published in Imperial Latin.]

Coming right off of his unprecedented third consecutive-simultaneous term as Governor of the Imperial Provinces of Vedria and Maroliova, we have learned that the Imperium has approved and appointed Orestes Panther as Director of the Caphiravian Intelligence Service. As Director of CIS, Panther will oversee the Praetorian Guard which handles domestic intelligence and reports directly to the Imperator, as well as all foreign intelligence operations. Most notably, Panther will also oversee the newly created joint task force CATOR which is supposed to handle everything from covert paramilitary operations to counter-terrorism and offensive cyber-operations.

It is unclear whether or not Orestes will voluntarily abdicate his seat as Governor or if he intends to remain in office until the end of his term. If he does decide to remain in office, this presents yet another unprecedented consolidation of power on his behalf, something that his great-nephew and current Imperator seems to be blissfully unaware or simply does not care. Orestes has long been the favorite among conservative politicians as his views seem to align with the party of yesterday in comparison to Imperator Constantinus who has been on a crusade of sorts to abolish many of Caphiria's traditions.

This announcement comes at an interesting time as public support for Imperator Constantinus has been slowly dwindling. Granted, he currently holds the highest approval polls in the modern era so it would seem strange that he would allow Orestes the opportunity to gather legitimate support that may challenge his own standing. The Imperator has been out of the media spotlight for quite some time now, taking time off to be with his family and catch up on the Community Cup matches no doubt.

Neither Orestes or the Imperator has issued a direct statement following the news of the announcement, though both men issued canned public remarks.


Other news:
The criminal organization called the Savatu Brotherhood has taken credit and responsibility for a recent bombing of the Adondi Slavehouse located in Heria, Maroliova. Their motives are unknown at this time as human and drug trafficking are what they are most associated with. There are 32 confirmed deaths and over 80 injured.

- The online hacker known as a 5chan recently took down data systems within a series of retail stores in the Imperial Province of Entium. No data has been released but it is estimated that over 300,000 accounts may be compromised.

- The robotics/engineering division of Quicksilver Industries called Silver Lineworks recently published a series of videos onto IxTube showing off their latest bipedal robot nicknamed Ostrich. It is capable of running up to 22 mph for up to a half hour and up to 40 mph for up to 10 minutes. It is expected to be deployed in high-value target extractions where they need to be in and out with precision.

- Quicksilver Industries had their quarterly earnings call this morning. For the first time in over a decade, QSI did not post higher YOY revenue and it actually shrunk by 3.4%. Quicksilver CEO Alexandus Venio II cites a lack of competition on a global level as the reason for the shrinking revenue saying "Look, we are still the top company by virtually every metric you'd like to use. After a certain point, there are only so many countries, paramilitaries, and militaries that you can serve. Profits are still healthy and investors are still guaranteed a 6x return within 6 months. I'm not worried in the slightest and neither should our investors." After market trading was up 9% after his response.