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New Nation Request:
NationStates Nation (The one in the Greater Ixnay region):

Full Nation Name: The Kingdom of Arvidilia

Capital City Name: Arvidilia City

Closest Real Life Ethno-Linguistic Group (Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Persian, Slavic, Chinese, Indochinese, Indian, Native American, Sub-Saharan African, ETC): Germanic

Anticipated GDPPC (3rd world >$15,000, 2nd world $15,000-$40,000, 1st world <$40,000): 1st World

Population size (small >10millon, medium 10million-250million, large 250million-500million, hyuge <500million): Medium (87.356.243)

Population density (sparse > 100/sqmi moderate density 100-160/sqmi, urbanized <160/sqmi): Moderate density (130/sqmi)

Largest/Official Religion (Levantine Catholic, Imperial Catholic, Protestant (various forms), Judaism, Islam, Polytheism/Pagan (various forms), Mormon, etc): Protestant (various forms)

Type of Government (Examples: Absolute Monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy, Authoritarian Republic, Democratic Republic, Hereditary Theocracy, Elective Theocracy): Democratic Republic

Comments/Requests (optional): Right now I see my self as a kind of (irl) European country.

I certify that I have read, understood, and will conduct myself in accordance to the rules set forth in the Golden Bull, the guidance of the IxOrientation Guide, and the expectations of the IxHadith (mandatory):
Golden Bull Yes
IxOrientation Guide Yes
IxHadith Yes

*responding "No" is an automatic disqualifier, answering "Yes" means you will be held accountable to all of the information and expectations in these three documents.
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