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Monteangeline Dispatches # 8

Sep 1, 2017
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Monteangeline Dispatches

June 2031
Issue # 8

Delémont, Cantun Delémont, Monteangelo
Breaking news emerges from the Monteangeline port city of Delémont where a bomb was detonated at the local headquarters of the Carréline Tea Cartel. The blast resulted in no immediate fatalities, but authorities report that 11 people were injured, 2 in critical but stable condition. The other 9 victims have already been released from hospital. Investigators into the blast currently believe that the act was related to domestic terrorism as an attempt to disrupt the export of tea from Delémont - the busiest trading port in the country. Delémont presents the quickest access for tea harvested in the island's interior to the ocean and the rail lines between the tea capital of the island, Eiffel, and the port city are some of the busiest in the nation. As authorities believe the tea industry to be a potential target by the perpetrators of the bombing, efforts to secure farms, processing facilities, offices, and the transportation network have been redoubled. While no suspects are believed to have been apprehended yet, social media commentary and eye-witness reports around the bombing assert that two hooded figures were seen entering and exiting the building prior to the detonation.

The site of the CTC office bombing at nightfall; approximately 6 hours after the attack

The tea industry in Monteangelo remains controversial as it is one of the primary industries that make use of prison labour - the main punitive measure used by the Monteangeline criminal justice system. The most extremely sentences assigned by Stadi Tribunes can include lifetime hard labour, which critics have condemned as "barbaric" and "essentially slavery." Even so, industry experts claim that the use of prison labour provides both a social service for restitution as well as an economic boon in the form of increased productive capability which Monteangelo would not be capable of without penal labour. The Carréline Tea Cartel stated that the current arrangement is necessary to ensure Monteangeline tea remains competitive in international markets.

The Carréline Tea Cartel (Cartel da té Carréline) or the CTC manages pricing, sales, and transportation for all tea produced in Monteangelo. Originally founded as a trade union for independent tea farmers, the CTC is operated with the assent and support of the Monteangeline state.

In other news, the conclusion of the 2031 Community Cup hosted in Palmeria brought an exciting result for the Monteangeline team. Despite going winless throughout the majority of the tournament, the Monteangeline players maintained high morale and discipline only for it to pay off in the final two games. Defeating Kuhlfors 1-0 in the penultimate round followed by a 4-1 victory over Kiravia, Monteangelo placed 4th overall, exceeding Kiravia in terms of goal differential in order to break the tie of 7 points apiece. Head coach Artur Aschintg was brief in his statements, stating that he was "extremely proud of the progress and tenacity of players throughout the tournament," and that "the players have demonstrated the capabilities of Monteangeline players on the world stage." While no official statement has been made, rumours are circulating that following this strong showing on the international stage, Monteangeline athletes may be participating more actively in international sporting events in the future.