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Monteangeline Dispatches # 7

Sep 1, 2017
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Monteangeline Dispatches

May 2031
Issue # 7

Haydée, Cantun Haydée, Monteangelo
Monteangelo achieved its first points in the 2031 Community Cup hosted in Palmeria against the hosting team. The game finished with a tie, one goal apiece at the end of 90 minutes and no conclusion at the end of extra time. While Monteangelo remains at the bottom of the standings, the rest of the series is very close as there are ties between 1st/2nd as well as for 3rd/4th. In other sporting news, The Monteangeline Grand Prix at the end of last month proved to be a tremendous race and had an exciting result for the hometown fans.


In business news, Monteangelo has experienced as the Octan Petroleum Company has filed to register their corporation within the country. The international oil conglomerate which operates oil platforms off the shore of Punth has had a long-standing relationship with the government of Monteangelo as the nation's largest provider of petroleum. The company entered the public sphere more notably when it partnered with the Gendarmeria to enter the International Racing Federation's Grand Prix Racing series with the Anghel Octan Racing team. Details regarding the conditions under which the filing occurred have not been made public, but the decision came after a series of discussions between Octan and the government over an undisclosed period of time.

This presents the first time that a multinational corporation has based itself within the country. Monteangelo has traditionally resisted multinational expansion with a few notable exceptions which include O'Shea and Imperial Beverage, the latter of which operates a production and bottling facility on the island which produces a large portion of the brand's sarsparilla-flavoured beverages using natural ingredients grown on industrial farms near the facility. Critics of the government have maintained that welcoming Octan Petroleum is contradictory to Monteangeline sovereignty and the core values of the state and her people.

In addition to registering as a Monteangeline corporation, Octan has also purchased office space and naming rights to the tallest building in Monteangelo. Formerly known as the Plaz 1 building, the Octan Tower dominates the skyline of Haydée adjacent to the four next tallest buildings in the country all located in the heart of Monteangelo's capital.

Front right: the newly named Octan Tower, headquarters of the Octan Petroleum Company

Continuing reporting of clashes between Monteangeline youth and the state's Gendarmeria, video footage of six or seven officers severely beating two Monteangeline university students went viral around the nation and received some international attention. The video provoked outrage among student activists and numerous government officials. The officers were quickly identified by activists through the high quality video footage and a subsequent witch-hunt. In response, the Gendarmeria suspended the officers in order to investigate their actions. The two students were hospitalized by the incident, but have not been charged with any offence and remain unguarded/undetained in hospital for the moment. Both are in stable condition.

The particular outrage of this incident has prompted the Stadi and Armeda, the latter of which is making their first statement in this long line of controversies, to recommend an external investigation of the officers and structures involved in this incident. Gendarmeria officials consented to the external investigation, stating that they "held the best interests of the public most dear," and hoped that "the highest standard of accountability would be upheld in this investigation."

More on this situation as it develops.