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Monteangeline Dispatches

April 2031
Issue # 5

Font, Palmeria
Fans of association football across Monteangelo rejoiced as the Monteangeline national team kicked off its first match in the 2031 Community Cup against Helvianir. The tournament presents the first time Monteangelo has participated in an international event in the sport. The national team, assembled from the top players in the country's paramilitary league organized by the Gendarmeria practiced together for three months before arriving to compete in Palmeria. Expectations for the team were tempered as the team was unproven in the international community and faced the renowned Helvianir team for its first match.

Monteangelo was thoroughly outplayed in the first half of the match after Helvianir got its bearings after the beginning of the match. Despite the technical skill of the
Helvianirian team, Monteangelo displayed its endurance through the first half, even after dropping behind by a goal.

The second half of the match played similarly to the first. Monteangelo's best opportunity for a goal came with a free kick just after an hour of game time passed. Striker Alex Morgun failed to capitalize on the kick and Helvianir retrieved their momentum to extend their lead to 2 at 70 minutes. Despite these setbacks, the Monteangeline team's morale was unwavering. Mere minutes later the team was able to mount a swift offensive and score, halving Helvianir's lead. The inaugural goal of the Monteangeline international team was scored by Carl Nunets. This event was greeted with enthusiastic applause from the Monteangeline fans in attendance at the stadium. Despite this shift, Monteangelo was unable to tie the game up before the end and Helvianir took the game 2-1.

The Monteangeline team's coach Artur Aschintg called the event "a win for Monteangelo regardless of the score" and expressed excitement for the future of the sport within Monteangelo and on the international stage. Monteangelo will face Burgundie next; a team which equally struggled in its first match against Palmeria.


While the inaugural match attracted great attention domestically among Monteangelines and the Stadi reported that the match broadcast was one of the most highly-viewed events of the year in the country, the team attracted attention of a different sort internationally. As the Gendameria outfits all members of Monteangeline atheltics programs, the players were issued cleats in the typical Monteangeline style which is rarely seen abroad. The white-shelled cleats with nubuck toe-caps and gum outsoles became an object of obsession for fashion aficionados during the match. The cleats are iterated from the common athletic trainers issued to Monteangeline athletes and students. Domestically, the shoes are controversial as while they are considered comfortable, the white leather, grey nubuck, and orange/tan gum-soled shoes breathe poorly in the more humid parts of the island. Despite this, the durable shoes are among the most common casual articles of footwear worn by Monteangeline youths and adults alike who hold on to them after school and mandatory military service.

A prominent designer from the House of Élan in Burgundie tweeted that fashionistas could expect the premium fashion house to produce a luxury version of the footwear to be released in the summer or fall. While simply known as Sports-chalzers in Monteangelo, the international community has already nicknamed them "Monteangeline Trainers" or "MATs" for short.

Pictured: A typical pair of "MATs"