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Well, crap. We lost some members and are in chaos. Since it's happening anyways, please put any changes to land and power status you want here so we can sort it all out later.

For myself, I'd like to take a bit of Kraekyr now that the project of the IxBalkans is dead (for now!), as well as that island Helvanir's capital was on. Also, by right of being an oldfag, I'd like to maybe replace one of the dead powers above me.
I already communicated this to Urcea, but I guess I'll put it here too: I was hoping to get that piece of land to my north that was possessed by Kron, and its nearby island. Also, seeing as Umcara is also gone, I'd like to put in a request for a small territory in the southermost bits of his former land, as to kind of have a presence in that strait and open it up a lil more, but I understand if that's not a likely situation, historically.

Anyway, in terms of powers, Kuhl and I were talking about this, I was thinking of having a bigger presence in Crona, but I understand that this might not be possible with the position that Pauldustllah now has in the area. Thanks!
Kistan I have a propsal to you and a request to rest of the community. I mentioned this to ixcabinet but there was a lot going on last night and I wanted to get a general sense.

For those of you who have been here a year or more Burg used to be a tiny little thang on the northern coast of Levantia and then I got greedy. I am willing to give the majority of Ultmar to Kistan (we would need to RP it either historically or currently) in exchange for a piece of ex Kronata that would be a Fakolan rump state.

If you all agree I would be much obliged to be the first cixizen to voluntarily downsize their empire