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Please use this thread for collating information regarding the Great War, located here on the

As of right now, the Great War occurred from June 23, 1927 and May 19, 1953 between the Auxilum Alliance and the Western Coalition. The war led to hundreds of millions of deaths is supposed to bring about the end of the Holy Levantine Empire (in 1935?) and the formation of the LoN and LOTA as I understand.

This summit should be used to determine/expand on the reasons for each nation to participate, the theatres of war, various phases and operations, developments during the war, and ultimate outcomes along with anything else I might be missing.
As far as I've been made aware, the war consists of three major theaters – Crona, Levantia, IxProp – with the former two involving significant land campaigns. Not sure about land war on IxProp though.

I've noticed that a big problem with the lore so far is a general lack of auxilium membership, and even I am still unsure if I want to go with flipping sides, depending on how exactly we hammer out the Levantine theater. I may stay on one side or the other the whole way through in the end. Just to throw an idea out there, we could've had a "Amerigan State" that was dissolved post war on the side of Heku, and we should see if Palm, Cron, Helvi, or Corumm are interested in playing for that team.

Elaborating on the Amerigan idea, that area would now be broken into smaller states, similar to, say, Yugoslavia, the Soviet union, or the Qing Dynasty falling apart. The area would be very unstable, and an opportunity for modern lore as well.

This is also connected to the whole conflict between me and the HLE, so I'll see if I can get Kuhl and Burg together to work out the details of our own history and how it affects our theater of the war. I'm thinking it's also going to have a lot to do with the (very belated) victory of a republican movement within the Kistani empire.

Overall, I think it would be best if we delegated lore writing for each land theater to the major nations involved there, with naval/air combat and long-term strategic movements being decided as a group.
I just want to say for the record Monteangelo would have remained neutral during the conflict so I could also take on planning for an npc if necessary.
So what is the actual catalyst for the Great War starting?
Who knows? Does it matter?


On a serious note, how about trade problems? We know Palm, Heky, Burg, and to a lesser extent Paul, Kirav and myself all have interests in naval trade. Someone could try to monopolize travel through a major straight, or illegally claim large portions of international waters. Either the civil war in the HLE would be the catalyst for a larger war, or it would be a separate major war that later merged with the 'Continental War' in Crona into the Great War.
Although it has been a while, I think it would be interesting Auxilium creating it's own version of Japanese invasion money scheme while having one(or maybe multiple, depending on continent) issued currencies. The War Development Bank would be created as a form of finance scheme from our part issuing scip(s) as replacement currency of our normal circulated ones in order to avoid hyperinflation. In occupied territories all local currency and gold is confiscated to back our domestic banks.

Suggested banknotes:https://www.deviantart.com/alabasterraven/art/100-SMK-Reverse-701048176