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Nearly a two week ago Lithuania declared a surprise war upon the nation Ormata. Then a few days after the war kicked off the nation of Vespia blockaded Ormata giving Lithuania the perfect chance to strike. The Lithuanian's did not take advantage of this but instead decided to not attack until the Pax Conference was over. Asku herself and a Ormata delegate went to the Royal Palace to discuss peace. But Kęstutis the new supreme commander of the military became inpatient of the talks and has decided to attack Ormata despite being told to hold off by Asku. Kęstutis has decided to take a Ormata island. That will be strategic in invading Ormata's main land. The plan is to use 70 Lithuanian's Li-All Role Jets or Li-ARJs to cripple some of the islands defenses then the Fe-fleet will show up a bit later to eliminate island defenses and finally take the island with 2,000 marines.

Lithuanian's Li-All Role Jet:
Island: https://ibb.co/eGpaka
*I'll make the attack more detailed later*
Around 2:00 a.m. 70 Li-All Role Jet flew over targeting military bases, troops, vehicles, and any military related area. After destroying what they could the jets retreated to refuel and repair on the Fe-fleet. The fleet is made up of eighteen destroyers, seven missile cruisers, thirty one landing craft, and a aircraft carrier. Then the fleet arrived at the islands prepared to destroy what ever defenses remain. The fleet has 2,000 marines getting ready to land on the island after sufficient damage is done to the islands defenses.