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Bogshire, Cronzcovina- Following the attack on the BMO Bogshire Tower, the national and royal governments have expressed their condolences for the victims and their families and their rage at the terrorist group claiming responsibility. The National Government is cooperating by sharing intelligence that it is gathering relevant to the attack. The Foreign Legion’s Fast Action Strike Team has been activated and police and gendarmeries have been put on high alert across the thalassocracy. Exhaustion could be seen on the faces of the Legionnaires as they continued off of their transports from Bulkh and right into situation briefings. The National and Royal governments of Burgundie are wary to send troops into the Punthite Republic if Cronzcovina elects for a direct strike, but says it will support their ally in “”all manners short of boots on the ground.” The military facilities at Novilla and Nova Levantia are ramping up for an expected influx of Cronzcovinan troops and materiel.

Ghazi-Aay’Han Canal- The Burgundian Royal Air Service has enacted a no fly zone over the canal with concerns of potential additional action by a terrorist group that the Burgundian military establishment has tracked to southwestern Punthite Republic. Additionally, the Burgundian Marines and Revenue Guard have established additional search protocols at either ends of the canal to clear cargoes more thoroughly but without much impact the transit times. The Burgundian government has asked for all nations to come together to maintain the security of the canal as the “Punthite Republican issue” is resolved. As of this reporting the canal traffic is still flowing and no transit restrictions are in place.

Dwemer Bay- The Ships of Operation Khyzer Rykh, the counter-piracy mission in the greater Pukhtun Sea have moved some of their combat ships into the waters of Dwemer Bay seemingly to put them within a days journey of the Punthite Republic if the needs should arise. The move is state to be non-political and unrelated to terrorist attack on the BMO Bogshire Tower. It would appear that the ships in the Dwemer Bay are primarily from the Cronzcovinan delegation and it may just be that they are the closest ships of the Cronzcovinan Navy that could be brought to bare in the event of an invasion.

Sant Marten, Salarive- The Instrument of Surrender of the Bulkan People’s Republic has been signed today dissolving the BPR and dividing its territory between Bulkh and a Burgundian colony Salarive. The colony will be capitaled at Sant Marten the colonial capital of the Bulkhawan Presidency, the prized Burgundian West Punth Trading Company colony of the 17th-early 19th century. Immediately massive projects were undertaken by O’Shea Infrastructure Design to both employ the vanquished locals as well as to remake Sant Marten, called Baab al-Farasha from 1838-last night, into a modern Burgundian city. Much of the downtown is slated for destruction with a radial plan of streets and Burgundian 21st century city beautiful design to be erected in its place. The city’s 530,000 residents are going to be relocated as their neighborhoods are slated for destruction. The hope is that the major aspects of the city’s infrastructure will be completed in 10 years and that it will be wholly reconstituted in 25 years. The aggressive timeline is helped by the newly acquired land’s colonial status versus a constituent state meaning that some more draconic safety codes can be ignored especially during the demolition phase. Despite the bypassing of red tape, the new city is slated to be mostly carbon neutral by the time it’s completed in 25 years. Solar and wind energy collection will be built organically into buildings and infrastructure with automated waste disposal systems also embedded into the subterranean plan of the municipality. A smart system for traffic and pedestrian control will attempt to reduce traffic congestion and reorganize the flow of streets depending on the time of day. Critics are concerned that the locals will have trouble adjusting to such an ordered and exacting system but designers assure us that with time all things are fixable and that the smart grid will correct for the behaviors of its users. Additionally, as the area transitions into the Burgundian realm, a cadre of professionals has moved into start a legal system reeducation boot camp for judges, municipal police officers and a newly ordained unit of the National Gendarmerie. These scholars and trainers will be joined by a mobile business college who will instruct newly created Chambers of Commerce in the methods of Burgundian capitalism. The focus of these initiatives is to establish a rule of law and order in the area that conforms to Burgundian ideals through capacity building and allowing locals to spread the message without an overbearing presence of Bergendii in the city. With any success, the model will be repeated across Salarive and the presence of the Bergendii can be reduced as cultural and economic goals are met.

Young Burgundian entrepreneurs have expressed an interest in moving to Salarive to assist in the transition. The hope is that, through direct contact, the young Burgundians will give the locals a personal example of Burgundianism to emulate and correct to. This form of second tier diplomacy is a new effort as previous Vilauristification efforts have been drive by the central government. The Foreign Affairs Ministry has started touring business schools across the thalassocracy to drum up support for the effort and already have over 1,000 applicants. In return for a 5 year residency in Salarive, applicants will have their student debt wiped with tax breaks for employing locals in their entrepreneurial enterprises and for meeting certain profit benchmarks. Critics have called the scheme a government sponsored carpet-bagging pyramid scheme.