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Dorft, Burgundie- The ongoing strife between the Kharkaar community and the local law enforcement agencies has reach a level of national recognition that cannot be ignored. After decades of peaceful resistance the Kharkaars may finally have the platform they need to make lasting change in Burgundie. The visuals posted on social media tell a different story than that being shown on the mainstream media outlets and some are accusing the media of censoring their reporting to show a version of events more favorable to the government. The images of a small huddled mass of men being shot with pepper bullets and the now iconic clip of a man writhing in pain as he stands to make a plea and is silenced by a bullet has become a symbol for those claiming to be oppressed by the government and law enforcement agencies. People are calling into question the government’s policy of condemning Monteangelo’s heavy handedness when in Burgundie peaceful protests are, in the case of the Kharkaar’s dealt with much more violently. The government has redoubled its condemnation of authoritarianism worldwide, carefully praising the current measured restraint in the Monteangeline Gendarmerie’s response to the student call to strike released this week. In response to its own actions, the government is opening a full investigation into the actions leading to the death of the Kharkaar protester and the hospitalization of the remainders of the group. A full pardon has been passed down from the Great Prince for all of those engaged in the protest and the Great Prince Pasqual I announced he his “eager to read the full report” when the investigation is complete. Reforms are promised, but it is “too early to determine what they will be” as the Great Prince has said they will be dependent on the report, which will take time to complete.

Kharkaars activists and their allies say the government doesn’t need to wait for a report to make meaningful change. The only change is to allow the Kharkaar’s to participate in the existing pathways to citizenship like any other immigrant to Burgundie. Anything else is “indefensible and inhumane” said Mohammand Gadhi, a Kharkaar activist.

Bulkh People’s Republic, occupied territory- With the treaty conference commencing this week a plan for the future of Bulk People’s Republic remains unclear. Burgundie, Bulkh, and elements of Bulkh People’s Republic civil society formed the Joint Transitional Forces Command (JTFC), led by the Burgundian TFC which will start the process of restoring order, reopening commerce, and stomping out criminal and rebellious activity. Their mandate is complete and some fear the immediate transition from centralized socialism to capitalism will be hard and that the enforcement of it will be harsh and insensitive to the fact that the BPR’s citizens don’t fully understand capitalistic principles yet. The JTFC’s high command acknowledges that the process will not be a short one but that it is vital for the citizens of the BPR to join the rest of the capitalist world in the 21st century and reap the benefits of modern society.

Speculation that the overnight democratization and privatization of large swaths of the economy and social infrastructure will cause an internal struggle that could result in a civil war, but the JTFC assures detractors that efforts will be made to ensure the process is expedient enough to be effective, but gradual enough to ensure that institutions do not collapse.

Argaea, Burgundie- The Central National Citizens Database went online today marking a huge step forward in the government’s efforts to streamline the interface between citizens and government services. The project was started in 2005 to update local and provincial government IT systems to be able to access a centralized database and then to lock the database so that each government agency could only query relevant fields to the services they provide. The hardware has been online since 2028, with upload capability since 2031, but it was locked to queries and downloads until testing on server capacity, redundancy, and security could be completed. This morning 439,000 queries were run against the database and wait times at DMVs across the thalassocrassy were reportedly down by 25 minutes. After a few years in beta testing the system is going to be linked to the Citizen Identification Document that acts as the basis for a variety of identification documents in Burgundie.

NordHalle, Burgundie- As Cronzcovinan activity in Northern Punth spins up O’Shea Container Shipping prepares its bid to support the logistical efforts of that nation’s efforts. With existing shipping routes to both the eastern and western coasts of North Punth, the company is poised to keep the troops of the Cronzcovinan government well fed and fully stocked, in the event they should meet resistance to their efforts in the area. The company has recently seen a decline in profits as their efforts to maximize their shipping capability by streamlining the shipping lanes by using fewer larger ships seems to be overly effective. The drastic cut in costs, which have been largely passed on to the consumer to underbid the competition, has meant that billing has been underwhelming in the last three quarters, despite a slight rise in the number of customers served. The most recent investors meeting has opened the potential for the company to find additional sources of revenue and to that end a 350,000 acre plot of land was purchased in Kagazi, but no information has yet been given as to the plans for that land.