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Vileauguste, Nova Levantia- A crushing defeat for the Umardi Airforce as they attempted to deny their airspace to the Burgundian forces crossing from Nova Levantia to the war Bulkh PR. The Umardis scrambled 8 jets to stop the convoy of 18 Burgundian and Bulkhan C-130s and C-17s. The Umardi’s were unprepared for the convoy’s accompaniment of 6 Burgundian and 2 Bulkhan Rafale fighter jets who masterfully negotiated the retreat of the Umardi MiG-29s. A series of cannon fire were exchanged in the proximity of the Burgundo-Bulkhan convoy but no intentional shots on target were taken. The exchange lasted only 15 minutes but have proven that the Umardi are not resolved to risk open combat with Bulkh and its ally Burgundie.
To complement its maintenance of the air bridge its air superiority in the region, the Burgundo-Bulkhan naval forces have also seen some success. The naval blockade has completely cordoned off Bulkh PR and are providing a screen across the straits into the Gulf of Kandara. Burgundian Revenue Guard ships have completed 16 search missions in the last 48 hours and have impounded 2 ships with contraband bound for Bulkh PR. A support fleet has also arrived from Ayermer with the inclusion of three monitors recently retrofitted by Pauldustllahstani shipyards to provide floating indirect fire support to the troops on the ground.
Additionally, a squadron of missile frigates and submarines has been stationed 150 miles off the coast of Asrabad, Umardwal. These ships will provide a fast action response in case the Umadri government continues to try to enforce their no fly zone. These ships join the 1st Levantine Fleet Amphibious Assault Element who are already negotiating the release of Burgundian airmen, C-130 aircraft, and its cargo, taken by the Umardi Airforce last month.
On the ground the process has been less spectacular. A stopping action to keep ethnic Umardi irregulars out of the Bulkan conflict failed as the Force Recon Marine unit tasked to the action was attacked by local BPR farmers and had their ambush’s position relayed to the irregulars. Fighting along the eastern coastline was complicated when 20,000 Xingkai’pese soldiers charged Bulkhan lines forcing a retreat that was only mitigated by the timely arrival of the Burgundian monitors. 48 Bulkhan soldiers are confirmed dead, 36 missing in action, and 26 are confirmed to have been captured by the Bulkhan PR and Xingkai’pese forces. 11 Burgundian special forces soldiers and gendarmes are also missing in action.

Lacomopolis, Faramount- The Fleet of the Odoneru as returned with assets seized from Veltorina to settle its debt ahead of the countries capitulation to Caphiria. The fleet returned with a train of captured ships, cargo, and government assets. Rumors swirled about how the lightly guarded fleet was able to capture such a large number of assets ahead of a rapidly advancing Caphirian Army. Some have speculated that a deal was struck with corrupt politicians in exchange for repatriation.

Drovan, Floredeterra- In unrelated news the Deputy Secretary for Veltorinan Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Under Secretary of Education for Veltorina as well as numerous middling employees have been seen getting off an unscheduled plane at the Drovan airport before been whisked away in a series of unmarked cars. An airport official speaking on the condition of anonymity said that the aircraft seemingly appeared out of nowhere without a flight plan and was given special dispensation from the “highest levels of government” to land at a private hanger.