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Levantia Times Union No. 37 - Vilauristre Bureau

Jun 28, 2016
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200 million
Albalitor, Palmeria- Last week the Golden Boys once again underperformed. They played their longtime rivals, Kirav, with a feckless onfield playthrough eeking out a tie in overtime. The hooligans on both sides erupted into violence three times throughout the game. At 6 minutes into the second half, a riot of such proportions as to halt the game and have Palmerian riot police evacuate a section of bleachers with tear gas and batons erupted. The game commenced 15 minutes later but was halted again in overtime to clear another section of the bleachers. 43 Burgundians are reported to have been forcibly repatriated to Burgundie, with an unknown number of Kiravians suffering the same fate.

This weeks game against Helvianir was a stellar display of sportsmanship, with the boys taking their second victory in the 2031 Community Cup. Only one yellow card was given out during the game, to Burgundian defense #6 Enguerrand Blanchet, for supposedly grabbing #20 Dixon Hodges' shirt. The game progressed aggressively on both sides with #24 Huguelin Noir scoring two goals in the second half. Helvianir was dominant in the first half with many shots on goal, one of which got past Juanito Jones. Their defense matched their tenacity but the attacking Burgundian forwards were able to break their lackluster second half and maintain momentum, bring their team to victory.

Haydée, Monteangelo- A massive weekend for race fans at the Monteangelo Grand Prix. Despite a career-crowning lead, the Comte de Valsoix was violently stripped of his chance at victory by Timo Basuda on Lap 16. Brigida Alba was able to maintain pressure on the leading pack and placed 4th, keeping deBedecq Racing on the map. In further illustration of their need to reevaluate their strategy, O'Shea suffered a double DNF, keeping the team stubbornly on the bottom of the rankings.

Kisti, Kistan- Burgundians are curious about the status of the Levantine Union Party in Lukquar. Since losing the land to Kistan the “plight” of the ethnic Bergendii has often weighed on the national consciousness. This years elections are particularly harrowing for a number of reasons. The incumbent Gregory Valsfvar is a favorite in Burgundie. Additionally, he holds the only Levantine Union Party Seay in the Kistani senate. Levantine skepticism has been growing in the region as the Protestant minority have become more vocal. In the context of an increasingly expansionist Caphiria, the Burgundians are hoping to keep anti-Union voices quiet as it prepares for an increasingly likely stand off with the Empire. The Great Prince appealed to the Levantine Union’s Parliament to maintain a visage of unity.

As for the Despotate, the Citizen’s Court of the National Assembly praised the news of Valeron’s intent to run again. Accolades were highlighted from the implementation of the Reform Wave. While unable to directly contribute to the campaigns themselves. Burgundie has started hosting galas near the border with Kistan to demonstrate support for Valeron and Valsfvar.

Vileaugustre, Nova Levantia- Bad news from the front in Bulkh. The Umardi governement has formally denied the Burgundians access to their airspace ending the air bridge that had previously supported the troops. In further bad news the three C-130s filled with much needed supplies were impounded by the Umardi Air Force and are being held. The National Assembly have demanded that the crew, planes, and cargo be returned to Vilaguste immediately but the Umardis have remained silent on the issue.

The 1st Levantine Fleet Amphibious Assault Element have been dispatched in hopes that an expedient and peaceful agreement can be reached. In a press release the Royal Air Service of Burgundie said it was confident that the airmen will be returned to Burgundie shortly and unharmed, but that it would hold the Umardi government wholly responsible if either of those objectives are not achieved.

Army intelligence has also relayed information signifying that a large number of ethnically Umardi irregulars have been spotting crossing the border into the Bulkhan People’s Republic. The troops fired at Bulkhan Force Recon Marines who spotted them and retreated back into Umardwal. The Bulkhan government formally protested the Umardi government stressing that if incursions continued that a state of war would exist between the nations. Burgundie said it would back the Bulkhan government if it were to pursue that course of action. Bulkh has also issued an ultimatum to Xingkai’pei. If it does not withdraw troops from the Bulkhan People’s Republic within 72 hours, Bulkh will have to recognize that “Xingkai’pei has declared war in Bulkh and her ally Burgundie.”

Lorwynne, Helvianir and Rhodennir- Tunnelworks Mining Group and O'Shea Operation Management Services have signed a $4.2 billion deal to excavate peridotite in the platinum mines in Angelum. O'Shea approached Tunnelworks to extract the peridotite from the platinum tailings to be used in Peridotite greenhouse gas sequestration, a new service that O'Shea is offering. The 10 yr deal will allow O'Shea a steady supply of both pure peridotite and to olivine to create synthetic peridotite. A new facility in Novilla has been established to process the peridotite and to create the synthetic peridotite dust. O'Shea has already gotten $14 million in orders for the fine powder from the Burgundian government and various environmental groups. There is a growing interest in the tourism sector, but the process remains too expensive for the private sector to engage it yet. There is a hope that in 5-10 years the synthetic variant will be inexpensive and potent enough for the eco-tourism industry to use, particularly on coral reefs. O'Shea is fulfilling orders on the condition that the resulting calcite is handed back over to O'Shea to be used as an aggregate in its concrete. O'Shea plans to open a number of other deals with mining companies to recycle the various tailings from different mines. The approach has earned the company an unofficial motto, "one man's trash is O'Shea's cash". Memesters in Burgundie have started sending the O'Shea social media feeds of their trash asking if they can get paid for it. The company often only responds with its own careers page or the Burgundian Security Services careers landing page, suggesting that if they have time to troll they need a job.