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Levantia Times Union No. 36 - Vilauristre Bureau

Jun 28, 2016
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200 million

Vilauristre, Burgundie- The Golden Boys have done it! In their first win in the 2031 Community Cup, the Burgundian team eeked out a win against Monteangelo in overtime. They played a strong first half with 8 shots on goals resulting in two scoring attacks. They seemed to lose steam in the second half, perhaps getting cocky and the Monteangeline forward Nels Carrols got the second goal in with seconds to spare, tieing up the game and forcing overtime. Heratio deSuza, another Palmerian on team Burgundie, was able to avenge the legacy of Juanito Jones with a game-winning goal.

Following their victory against the Monteangeline the boys were riding high, perhaps too high and in their next game were only able to maintain a tie against Kuhlfros. The game was fairly well matched with both teams scoring one goal each in each quarter. Overtime also provided no conclusive result. The exhausted teams slunk back to their locker rooms to nurse their bruised egos in the traditional northern Levantine style. In an unrelated story, the Kiravian whiskey supply in Palmeria is dangerously low and a run on the liquor stores turned violent as Burgundian and Kuhlfrosi players clashed with Palmerians over the last remaining bottles.

Vileauguste, Nova Levantia- The stalemate in the Second Bulkhan war ended as the 3rd Burgundian Levantine Fleet arrived and established total sea and air superiority. The contest put up by the BPR navy and airforce was shortlived as the decision to preserve their resources was quickly observed. It was hoped a fleet and airforce in being was enough to convince the foreign supporters of the BPR to continue to provide aid. Four ships of the BPR navy were sunk or scuttled as part of their attempt to thwart the arrival of the Burgundians. They assumed that a stiff, if suicidal resistance, would be enough to scare off the Burgundian fleet as they falsely assumed that the navy was afraid to lose even a single ship. The Burgundians aggressive and offensive manner was a huge surprise to the BPR's admirals. The Burgundians sustained the loss of a destroyer and a frigate but continued to engage without concern for their safety. The ships missile shields and their aircraft soon rendered the stalwart and valiant effort pointless.

This allowed for the land forces, under the cover of air support, to advance deep into the BPR interior and deal a devastating blow to the nation's power grid. Reports of consistent blackouts across the country have been corroborated by satellite imagery showing that the remaining power plants are unable to sustain the demand. The Burgundians further supported the Bulkhan navy by providing cover as they mined the remaining harbors of the BPR and bombed 4 of the 6 major military airports.

Haydée, Monteangelo- Students who have taken their studies to Monteangelo as part of the new ARGUS program are concerned about their safety. The Burgundian Ambassador to Monteangelo Simone Erica Riviere has asked that Burgundian students caught up in the Gendarmi's "war on youth counter-culture" be remanded to the Burgundian embassy, but stopped short of condemning the new aggressive approach that the nation's police force is taking. Worries over abandoning Monteangelo entirely to the massive Legions of Caphiria make the situation concerning to Burgundian politicians. Students and parents across Burgundie had called for Burgundie to insist that the Stadi either get the Gendarmi under control or that Burgundie pull out of ARGUS and establish a direct foreign exchange program with Insui.

Venceia, Caphiria- Great Prince Paqual I was quite smug today as he held a press briefing recalling his remarks about Caphirian aggression and expansionism. He called for calm as the situation on the Caphirian/Veltorinan border is investigated and perhaps arbitrated by the League of Nations. He called on the allies of Burgundie to prepare for a political and perhaps military intervention on behalf of Veltorina, in hopes that such a show of unity and force would convince Caphiria of its folly.
We seek that peace should remain the common situation in Ixnay and across the seas and continents. We search the hearts and souls of the Caphirian Imperial Government to see reason in this matter, but we warn them that should they resolve themselves to this course of violence, we shall man the barricades of the free world.
The message was received well by the government but the business community raised concerns about a potential global destabilization if the two most powerful capitalist economies went into even a proxy war, but less direct conflict. Numerous companies put out viral campaigns on social media in an effort to gain support in the general populace. The effect has yet to be seen, but engagement with the campaign in high.

Also as part of the Great Prince's heightened concern, he has asked that the Metropole Forces be activated to DEFCON 3 and that the Strategic Levantine Command be activated to DEFCON 4.