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Vilauristre, Burgundie-Suffering a hard-fought defeat at the hands of the Palmerians the Burgundian team is looking to regroup and face Monteangelo with renewed purpose and vigor. Goalie Juanito Jones defended the goal line with help from a strong defensive line up early in the game. However late in the first half the Bosuns had failed to drive any significant shots on goal. The Burgundian defensive line waivered in the second half and a goal was scored by the Palmerians against goalkeeper Juanito Jones. Jones who normally plays for Tavirca FC in Palmeria was booed by Burgundian fans for "letting it in". Aindreas Robasan, the goalie from Dorft, was subbed in as the fans got increasingly agitated as the Palmerians continued to break the Bosun's defensive line and make shot after shot on goal. Despite Jones' stalwart defense, one particularly rowdy section of the Burgundian crowd started throwing their trash onto the field and chanting, "Jones, Jones, let's break his bones!"
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A young Burgundian became an instant household name as he was captured chanting with his father. The child was given a breathalyzer test by Palmerian authorities and was found to have a BAC of .04% which is lethal in all recorded cases of children his age. The child has been remanded into Palmerian custody and his father is currently in jail for public drunkness, disorderly conduct, and child endangerment (OOC: assuming any of these laws exist in Palmeria). The child's mother has started repatriation proceedings to have the child returned to her in Burgundie.

Vileauguste, Nova Levantia - A major set back in the war in the People's Republic of Bulkh. The Bulkhan army and their Burgundian allies have been hit with a variety of guerrilla attacks by soldiers posing as civilians in the conquered territories. 1,500 Bulkhan and Burgundian Foreign Legionnaires are considered casualties in the attacks. These events demonstrated, for the first time, that not only is Xingkai'pei involved in the BPR's war effort, but the numerous Xingkaipese soldiers were in the BPR to confront what they consider imperialist/capitalist aggression. Following the various guerrilla attacks, swarms of Xinkaipese and BPR soldiers attacked 17 points along the newly established frontier. Approximately a third of the territory previously held by the Bulkho-Burgundian alliance was lost.

Further humiliation for the Burgundians who not only got beaten on the pitch in football but who then released a series of documents detailing that the Palmerians were, in fact, providing monetary and military aid to the Bulkh People's Republic. Outrage spread as the Burgundians licked their various wounds.

The three Umardwali vessels carrying weapons that were stopped and confiscated have become a point of contention as the government of Umardwal has pledged resources to the fight in defense of the Bulkh People's Republic in response. The Burgundians find themselves outnumbered, if not yet outgunned in the Punthite subcontinent. In response the Great Prince as asked the Citizens Court of the National Assembly to support a full mobilization of the Foreign Legion and the partial mobilization of the Standardized Militia System. Support is mixed as many see the move as unnecessary, but a strong hawkish lobby is making fast work of the opposition.

Sensing the hesitation of the doves in the Citizen's Court, Great Prince Pasqual I went to Nova Levantia to meet with Legionnaires from the I Foreign Infantry who had just rotated out to get a better sense of the situation. He was happy to receive positive attitudes and reassurances that they would get the job done. The Legionnaires took the Great Prince on an exercise and he surprised them all with his idle chatter and approachable demeanor. It was noted that if given the approval of the Citizen's Court to unleash the might of the Foreign Legion, the Great Prince promised to complete a one week tour of combat duty with the I Foreign Infantry.