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(Ember Doctrine: https://imgur.com/FKt52fa)
Supreme Commander Asku sat at the head of a long metallic table with 13 of her best Generals. She liked to refer to them as the 13 "Nuodėmes". Three of the "Nuodėmes" had come up with plans for how to execute the Ember Doctrine. They were presenting them in a war room hidden underground a few miles out from Lithuania's capital. "I think we need to deal with the Green, Yellow, and Purple Zones first," General Zenonas Gerulaitis said. Several of the Generals nodded their heads in agreement. "By taking annexing these zones first we'll have immediate access to more farm land. Which we desperately need," he added before sitting down. General Arvydas Pocius stood up now with a look of determination. "Yes, in 15+ years we'll need more farm land," he said while looking right at General Zenonas Gerulaitis. "No, we need to annex the Blue and Brown Zones first before we go into any other areas. These area's have the most historical background for Lithuania's then any other area and the are the most disorganized right now." He sat down while getting a glare from General Zenonas Gerulaitis. Admiral Kęstutis Macijauskas stood up now looking like she was going to give an amazing speech but instead she said. "Who cares lets just take it all," she shouted like a mad person. Which she most likely was but despite this she was a military genius second only too Asku. "I like it," one General said. "Lets do it," another shouted. Kęstutis always knows how to drum up support, Asku thought to herself. "Let's do it then.," Asku said and just like that a storm was coming.