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Grand Prix Security

Sep 12, 2015
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A most serious case happened last week were attempted robbery of Grand Prix personnel implemented new security policies regarding the protection of both the civilians attending the event alongside with the attendees of the 'show'.

Although initially there was criticism regarding the upbringing of a complex system that would have made a bureaucratic nightmare for tourists and locals alike to attend to the show but a compromise was made between shareholders and the local authorities to provide joint security in order to simplify both the process and increase necessary security gaps.

The event is highly anticipated inside the country as it hosted for the first time since many, many years. The Permanent United Front parties sees this as a provision of change to a better age for the glorious homeland. At this time, field tests will be made in order to make sure the quality standard of Grand Prix races within the timetable. Rumors are heard that several teams have already arrived to survey the sites but that remains yet a speculation but the anticipated crowds remain anxious.