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As per my ongoing reservation, I now have reached a point in my roleplay where I have conquered the eastern part of my reservation.

The following should now be part of my claim (Ignore Phase's 2 and 3) I am giving some chunks to Cronz, for lore/worldbuilding reasons (and enclaves happen to have been a thing in the middle ages and even now in modern-day Europe they exist.)

In my reservation, Alahana was still a thing, since they are gone, I gobbled it up, and would like to give Arvidilia a similarly sized chunk in return.

I would also like to request that my map name be changed into the United Kingdom, in order to reflect the naming used on the Wiki, there is a slight chance that in the future, possibly well after this RP and once I set some other stuff up, another name change for the map, and in general, could occur, just to reflect the wiki/lore