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Consortium of Public Broadcasters in Asteria


APEX announces that its 3rd generation biofuel project has commenced to a stage from where it can be introduced to a commercial pilot setup as early as Q4 2032. With the Consortium's Agenda 2040 being fully ratified by all members after last months election in Agessia, the plans to implement a gradual ban on fossil fuel sales for the automotive sector between 2036 and 2042, the industry has been scrambling to look for suitable alternatives. Biofuels derived from microalgae could be a means to compensate initial bottlenecks arising from this policy change.
Fears of major companies in Asteria are that subsequent Consortium policies could target fossil fuel use for other sectors, taking hold of the entire transportation and even certain sectors of the national chemical industry. Zero-emission alterantives like biofuels are seen as a viable alternative.


In an effort to comply with the Consortium Joint Comand's 2030 National Security Doctrine, Secretary of Consoritum Security, Valèrie Thirault, has announced that a first measure will be to fully decomission the older line of Gilgamesh Class frigates over the next five years. They are be replaced with 30 Tethys Class stealth multirole frigates devloped and manufactured by Novaris. They are meant to comply with the necessity of smaller, more agile response forces. While the Tethys Class holds less overall firepower capacity than the old Golgamesh Class, its ships are equipped to combat numerous different threat potentials. The Tethys Class ships will also be the second designation of vessels to be built from the ground up on the basis of Novaris' SWALIN Combat Suite.