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Latino-Fhainic Front members have been steadily receiving equipment from 'unknown' sources for months now - oddly reminiscent of older-model Central Army stockpiles.

Federal Government Condemns Invasion of the Velt

In a televised address hours ago, Despot Valeron railed against recent violence in Veltorina, calling out the Hekuvian regime for what is being roundly condemned as a baseless act of war.

"Civilized nations do not attack each other without a damn good reason in the modern era - that's what the Great War was all about in the end!" he noted, much to the apparent approval of viewers and the reporting crews present. "In its moving of military forces into Veltorinia, the government of Caphiria has provoked infighting between nationalist and imperialist groups there, and as we can now see, it was not incidental, but a deliberate effort to justify violence against the Veltorinians and give a reason, however flimsy, for outright invasion and annexation.

"Caphiria claimed that they were only violating the sovereignty of another nation for its own good. They claimed that there was nothing wrong with dropping soldiers, prepared for battle, on military and political targets. Yet now we see that this is nothing less than war against another nation, started on the basis of an 'oppressed' political minority. If people within the Velt truly desired Imperial rule so badly, they could have staged referendums, declared independence from the Velt, or even simply moved. But that wasn't the reason for fabricating claims on Veltorinian land - ultimately, this is an act of conquest and greed, lead by a rogue monarch in collusion with, dare I say it, a pack of Protestants masquerading as Catholics! There is no security threat posed by any group living in the Velt, no substantive threat against Caphirian citizens, and no provocation on the part of the defendant in this conflict. This is nothing less than a sign of what is to come if we do not forever stand up against tyrants, wherever they may be found."

Valeron was not available for comment after his conclusion, but speculation abounds that the move may be in preparation to sell large quantities of war materiel into the Velt, fueling both moral proclamations and acting as a power play in the region.

Squadron 22 in Waters of Hugolandder, Shots Fired as Rebel Groups Request intervention

Military sources allowed the reporting of hostilities between Kistani recon elements and government forces over Hugolandder Friday, with official statistics currently placing the number of dead at eight - none our own brave servicemen as of yet. Retaliatory raids are underway at the moment, with missile strikes having been launched at anti-aircraft complexes along the coastline, where an Air Guard plane was forced to evade a surface-to-air missile early Friday morning.

In response to the escalation of tensions, Latin and Fhainic militias in Hugolandder have requested foreign intervention from their mother and father nations as they attempt to resist increasingly brutal reprisals from the Romance-dominated government. It appears that if the crisis is not dealt with soon, the outpouring of refugees from the area will reach disastrous proportions. With the survival of Fhainn, some of whom are dual citizens, at stake, the Office of the Despotate has issued orders for the mobilization of the Twenty-Second Naval Squadron's reservists, along with elements of the Foreign Corps in preparation for further action. The entire Landdrian Peninsula has been declared a zone of interest, paving the way for contract soldiers and paramilitary volunteers from Kistan to take up the expected work of fighting out an increasingly likely war with Hugolandder. Additionally, overtures are currently underway to bring Kiravia, Burgundie, and other allies into the fray should total regime change become a necessity.

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