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Central State News Service #8

Aug 9, 2015
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Milzek Rachenko, President of Hugolandder, is struggling with violent uprisings and accusations of ethnocide.

Ethnic Uprisings in Hugolandder; Gov't Forces Reported Fighting Armed Rebellions

Reports from the Hugolanddrian Republic were grim already, with the season beginning with rumors of forced expulsion filtering into regional news through the Kazomil and other non-Romance communities. Throughout the early crisis, allegations of increasing persecution and segregation were denied by the regime, until October saw a radical shift in the DPCRH's official position.

Blaming the economic downturns of its already weak socialist economy on former Levantine colonization, the government began to spout claims that remaining Levantine colonials and southern Ixnayan minorities composed a fifth column, intent on undermining Landder's independence from foreigners. The situation rapidly devolved as our own State Embassy evacuated, given that ethnic tensions threatened the staff there with assault or worse. Expats in the nation are also warned to leave as soon as possible, and plane travel from Kistan directly to Hugolandder is temporarily cancelled.

The situation on the ground continues to worsen, with reporters bringing in news of armed militias, both pro-government and rebellious, skirmishing in areas of the country not directly garrisoned. As a correction, it was previously stated that Kazomil and other minorities were being incarcerated en mass; this has been clarified to have occurred within only the direct vicinity of the capital, with the majority of those interred in refugee camps being Latins or Feinii of Levantine descent. Military forces have cracked down heavily in major cities and strategic areas, with strict curfews and shoot-to-kill orders being instated as the military attempts to curb ethnic tensions despite a massive increase in defections.

Federal Election Preliminaries Complete

Preliminary elections for the Despotate mostly went as expected, with incumbent A. Valeron taking the running position for the Federalist Party with no official opposition. Candidates for the major parties are as follows:

Amadeus Valeron - mixed Latin-Feini from Eratz, and (now) undisputed leader of the Federalist Party. Current favorite to win, and is running on a platform of continued economic stability and an absolute stance against corruption. Entering the race with an approval rate of 73%, his cooperation with the other Levantine powers is largely accredited for smoothing over past enmities with Kuhlfros and, to a lesser extent, Kiravia.

Julian Fabius - Royalist-Imperial Party runner of Latin descent, from Vrell. His primary focuses are on even less business regulation and the recognition of a distant royal relation of Rethys the Last as a figurehead monarch. Not unexpected, as he replaced the RIP's previous figurehead with little resistance within his clique, but support for the RIP has been especially weak this year.

Gwin Luca - Agro-Social Party runner. A Feini from Ruthlandt, in the Bulge. Her party platform is based on social liberalization, the reduction of Church authority in education and the government, and the abandonment of moralistic policies in regards to diplomacy with other nations. Expected to be in competition with the RIP for second place, her party has flourished due to her ideas of using social engineering, as opposed to welfare, to improve living conditions for low-income demographics.

Johnathon Weil - the candidate for the up-and-coming National Protectionist Party, Weil is an Aenglo -- a surprise, considering the Protectionists were originally a racial fringe party. He appears to be trying to mainstream the NPP, kicking out its founding ethno-nationalists in favor of more traditional revanchism and a Kistan-first diplomatic policy. This puts him directly in conflict with every other major candidate both in terms of voters and direction. While not expected to break the five-percent margin, the general nature of his controversial political positions puts exposure on his side.

Each candidate will be making a short speech detailing their general ideas and a few specific policies they with to enact at the Commencement Ceremony in July, as well as the contestants from sixteen other minor parties.

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