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Central State News Service #7

Aug 9, 2015
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Last minute reforms prior to an election year leave most happy, but still raise eyebrows.

Provisional Gov't. Offices Close this Election, Final Reforms to be Enacted

The government's representatives expressed their great happiness with the current state of the federal system as the nation anticipates the initial rounds of elections for the next decade. In addition to the Despotate, eighty-three Senatorial seats are up for contest this year, making a large buzz for all comers in these areas.
Perhaps most controversial is the re-election campaign of Gregory Valsfvar, a Burgundian-ethnic citizen from the Lukquar territory representing the only Levantine Union Party member of the Senate. His seat is hotly contested by both the Popular Front and the Federalist Party, with his LUP base being largely challenged by the significant Protestant minority in the area, which sees further Catholic integration as a threat. Meanwhile, the prize of Despotate itself will see multiple debates within party structures prior even to the nomination of candidates. The exception, as expected, is the incumbent Amadeus G. Valeron, who has stated his intention to run for re-election.

The Federalists introduced a wild card into the political mix last May with the last parts of the Great Reform Wave -- the ones promised back in 2021. While the initial work of the regime dealt with modernizing many of the traditional military, industrial, and economic establishments of Kistan, the goal of later efforts was purely civil rather than military in orientation. Standardization of the justice system's punishments, alongside a massive process of compressing and pruning existing laws both criminal and otherwise, let the Reforms be lauded as a masterpiece of efficient bureaucracy and an assurance of continued Federal dominance. Yet the latest changes have left many confused, if not outright angry, as they in many cases neither please hardline traditionalists nor more egalitarian, anti-state voters. Some changes, such as the rewriting of scholastic standards and the abolishment of property tax, proved welcome by voters. Using those new standards to focus on preventative education about, rather than harsher punishment of, drug use did not go over well, though; neither did the closing of tax loopholes endear wealthy donors to Valeron's position. Upon being questioned about the possibility of newer candidates overtaking the Federalists, the Despot's response was clear.

"Unlikely. The Federalists were the most popular before the extinction of the Royal Family, which was part of why the Senate was merely ceremonial then. Our leadership has spine now, but that doesn't mean we've abandoned our old beliefs. Law, strength, and prosperity on the national scale are still our driving goals, and none of the other parties have a third the open support we do. I do believe that even though my work makes some people unhappy, you need to see who it angers. A tiny handful of companies? Trying to get out of regulations and taxes, even after we've massively reduced regulations and made safe, ethical business as easy as possible. They're not even in a notable minority of discontented persons. Half the people complaining about this are lawyers, if you haven't noticed, and the rest are made up of many of the same people who want to take advantage of a twisted, Varsitic legal system. Let's not get worked up over stage tears."

Voting will also take place for the admittance of the Transguiq State as a protectorate of the Empire, similar to Avana, and over a potential nature preserve in the Bulge.

Hugolanddrian Republic in Chaos, Regime Targets Former Levantine 'Colonists'

Reports from the Democratic People's Confederated Republic of Hugolandder last week appear to confirm rumors of the nation's leadership working towards the ethnic cleansing of Levantine enclaves. Regardless of national origin, be they from Kiravia, Urcea, or elsewhere, the remnants of the pre-unification joint colonial system have intensely lobbied their home nations for protection from persecution and outright attack by local Romance Landdrians. Released footage today showed paramilitary militias rounding up minority Kazomil and Latin families, forcing several hundreds of people into a makeshift ghetto, complete with armed security. The DPCRH's own diplomatic staff routinely denied any unequal rights or subjugative practices for former colonial peoples, particularly the near-extinct Kazomil, but switched stances suddenly after the issue was raised in broader world discourse.

The official statements coming from Hugolandder now deflect blame onto the former colonial powers, branding the settlers as foreign agents and undesirables. Claims that the video does not portray normal treatment of foreigners persist. Rumors of armed uprisings and mass civil unrest have also been denied by the government, but remain unconfirmed by outside sources. More as it comes.

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