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Several increasingly well-armed militia brigades are moving along the coast of Landder towards the capital city; however, their progress has been stalled by intense suburban fighting despite air support from our own Federal Army.

Gov't Declares Official Support for Latino-Fhainic Front in Hugolandder

Following brief aerial skirmishes with a below-strength Hugolanddrian air wing last month, heavy fighting has broken out between the ships of the Twenty-Second Squadron and their associated air assets and the larger body of local air and sea forces. So far, one decisive engagement has seen the largely littoral Romance ships lose an older destroyer and numerous skimmers and similarly-sized boats along with scattered planes and coastal ground-air emplacements. These operations have so far avoided outright confrontation with the foreign military, opting instead to move south along the Landder coastline in support of a significant militia force intent on besieging the loyalists' capital.

In regards to the political situation in northwestern Ixnay, the Office of Foreign Intelligence minister Augustus Gerulia held a press conference in which it was announced that the government would be formally recognizing the Latino-Fhainic Front -- one of the largest militias, formed by ex-colonists from the Seventies and Eighties-era Levantine strongholds in Ixnay -- as a supported rebel group. The hope of the move is to carve out an exclave from Hugolandder for Levantine minorities to migrate to, regardless of the eventual fate of Hugolandder as a whole. Questions on the possibility of new colonial administrations went unanswered, despite claims on the part of numerous detractors abroad and in Landder.

Spetsford Rushes to Expand Facilities

In light of the upcoming Grand Prix at the Felva Isle track, the Spetsford city council and Felva Township Civic Commission have poured funds into expanding the available seating and constructing facilities to serve expected crowds of roughly two hundred thousand. The original seating, built to accommodate one hundred and fifty thousand people, sold out mere hours after general admission was made available through the city and Prix websites. Furthermore, Spetsford races are locally infamous for battles between fans, and the introduction of tens of thousands of foreign spectators has the local police forces drilling in riot control in the event of the expected sports mobs taking rivalries to the streets.

Overall, however, the local councils continue to officially expect a smooth, if somewhat crowded, event.

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