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— Bogshire, Abbreggen, Cronzcovina —​

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(BMO Bogshire Tower) — Just minutes ago the BMO Bogshire Tower was bombed in a large terrorist attack perpetrated by a group of Punthite terrorists. The group hacked televisions broadcasts mere minutes before the massive explosion went off in the tower. In their message an official from the group said the following, "We are the representatives of those who have been abused by this corrupt and uncaring government. We are the people who will bring an end to the human rights abuse committed by Cronzcovinic corporations overseas, we are those who will no longer stay silent in this immoral country. We are the Punthite Sustadah, and this is only our beginning." The broadcast ended with citizens of Bogshire looking out their windows in horror at the BMO Bogshire Tower going up in flames. The size of the explosions with all the damage it did to the building suggests the tower will not stand much longer, with emergency services trying to help as many people as they can escape the flaming building. This has led people to question the origins of this attack and who to blame for its happening. The origins of the broadcast were traced back to rural southwestern Punthite Republic, only found with help from the government of Burgundie in Nova Levantx. So far the casualties are innumerable and the populace is furious at the National Conservative Party of Cronzcovina. This is prompting many to call for an election, with riots already starting demanding such. The Las Acronitas Revolutionary Party, which received a large donation from BMO prior to the attacks, is demanding an election be held due to the increasing unpopularity of the NCPC. Already the LAR party has skyrocketed in support and could easily be in control of the government in a matter of weeks, if not days. In this time of confusion tensions are high, we urge all viewers to stay safe and stay updated for any future news revolving around this incident.