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"And this last weekend the Community Cup finally started, opening up with Palmeria clashing against Burgundie in Parque Soriano. Helvianirian referee Julian Muyt made the starting whistle and there we went!"

"Palmeria lined up with Lensawning under the posts.Four at the back: Osorio, Gutiérrez, Glaucia and Tullas. At the midfield: the captain Néstor, Faber, Del Mastro and Bellota. And finally the two strikers: Lopetegui and Narsés."

"The palmerians do count with a rooster consisted of top players that pretty much almost all play in La Premier already, and went with a 4-1-2-3 formation that makes relies on the possesion skills from their midfielders and particularly on Néstor's covering and also recovering ability."

"Ineed, this team is all about possesion and so was their winning goal against Burgundie, now let's take a look!..."

*Match footage starts playing*

"We start here with Néstor perfectly protecting the ball in the midfield, transports it forward a bit more, looks for Del Mastro. Del Mastro streches it to Bellota. Bellota starts cutting inside, passes it back to Del Mastro who quickly looks for Narsés. And here we see a beautifull 1-2-1 action bettween Narés, Bellota...Bellota to Lopetegui....Lopetegui to Bellota who finnishes it off masterfully, slightly chipping the ball over the goalie. Perfect collective play, very very quick pase. Nothing to do for Burgundie."

The CommCup has started

"We can agree that this was just a brilliant goal from the team and it looks like the gears are very well oiled. But there is some intranquility in regards to the team's effectiveness. You know, most of us were expecting a more overwhelming victory against a side such as Burgundie. Most of us would have picked a striker like Barcos instead of Lopetegui to accompany Narsés, but let's hear coach Furtado..."

"Post-match interview starts playing"

"I think the team effectiveness is out of the question. We stood our ground and kept as much possesion of the ball as we wanted to. We have to see every match as its own. Besides, these sort of international competitions aren't common in Ixnay and i see it as an opportunity to measure the team, and i think its been a great start.".

"Well there you have it, let's take a final look at this week's results:"
  • Palmeria 1–0 Burgundie
  • Monteangelo 1–2 Helvianir
  • Kuhlfros 0–3 Kirav