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Publixão - An Insuian News Corporation (A001)

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• Havana District, Alahuela, Insui •

Vachenans fleeing to neighboring countries in record numbers
(ALAHUELA) — Insui is sending troops to its western border to "guarantee law and order" amid an ongoing crisis which is seeing thousands of Vachenans attempting to cross into neighboring countries and beyond. Insuian President Laura Cardoso signed a decree on Monday to deploy the armed...

Levantia Times Union No. 38 - Vilauristre Bureau

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Vileauguste, Nova Levantia- A crushing defeat for the Umardi Airforce as they attempted to deny their airspace to the Burgundian forces crossing from Nova Levantia to the war Bulkh PR. The Umardis scrambled 8 jets to stop the convoy of 18 Burgundian and Bulkhan C-130s and C-17s. The Umardi’s were unprepared for the convoy’s accompaniment of 6 Burgundian and 2 Bulkhan Rafale fighter jets who masterfully negotiated the retreat of the...

CPBE - Vol. 1 Issue 1

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Consortium of Public Broadcasters in Asteria


APEX announces that its 3rd generation biofuel project has commenced to a stage from where it can be introduced to a commercial pilot setup as early as Q4 2032. With the Consortium's Agenda 2040 being fully ratified by all members after last months election in Agessia, the plans to implement a gradual ban...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 13

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Vol. 1 No. 13
Motorsports News

Costa Ciugas Grand Prix

Two major stories occupied the majority of media attention in the run up the Costa Ciugas Grand this weekend. The first was a continuation of the financial woes of Force Pukhgundi Works and absent team principal, Viswanathan...

IxNet Update IxNet X is now live

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Hooray! We are no longer tethered and shackled by our old host. We are the bastions of change, our destiny and future is in the hands of the People! It's with great pleasure that I reveal to you all the latest and greatest version of IxNet....IxNet 10. Yes, if you pay attention to the release cycles of IxNet you would know that the last release was IxNet 11, which should make this new one IxNet 12. And to that, I tell you to shut up...
Central State News Service #9
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Latino-Fhainic Front members have been steadily receiving equipment from 'unknown' sources for months now - oddly reminiscent of older-model Central Army stockpiles.

Federal Government Condemns Invasion of the Velt

In a televised address hours ago, Despot Valeron railed against recent violence in Veltorina, calling out the Hekuvian regime for what is being roundly condemned as a baseless act of war.

"Civilized nations do not attack each other without a damn...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 12

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Vol. 1 No. 12
Motorsports News

Rhodennir Grand Prix

Grand Prix Racing returns to the continent of Crona with the Rhodennir Grand Prix outside Rockport City in the United Kingdom. A classic race on a classic track, the Rockport Circuit is a simple track and perhaps the ultimate example of post-war airfield race tracks, preserved in its...

Equatorial Endeavors

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Mibb Todd entered the well appointed meeting room and vigorously shook hands with his host, President Craig Adelrick. The Corummese foreign minister had arrived in the capital of Cronzcovina under a veil of secrecy only a few scant hours before for an unofficial meeting to discuss a rather delicate subject. The subject being the budding human trade of the Corummese government, called trafficking or slavery by those with a less than enterprising vision of the world. The...

The Arctic Interest Act

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The Grand Executive Chamber, Magnimperium, Imperium Capitis, Cronzcovina, 8:30 PM, December 27th, 2021

His Grand Excellency Alexander Chapayev stares onto the ocean from his office. The waves gently hitting the shore of Cronzcovina, the same seas the former executive, his father, looked out upon at the time of his heart attack. It was a calm and quiet evening, Cronzcovina was issue free, at least on the surface. Issues continue to hit the great nation, the rise of the radical left in...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 11

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Vol. 1 No. 11
Motorsports News

Roseney Grand Prix

The last race of the Punth leg of the IRF season brings us to the small island nation of Roseney and the outskirts of its capital, Aurora. Even in early August, temperatures remained extremely mild over the weekend with a gentle downpour on Friday but otherwise clear skies on Saturday...