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Monteangeline Dispatches # 7

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Monteangeline Dispatches

May 2031
Issue # 7

Haydée, Cantun Haydée, Monteangelo
Monteangelo achieved its first points in the 2031 Community Cup hosted in...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 3

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April 2031
Vol. 1 No. 3
Motorsports News

Monteangeline Grand Prix

Round 3 of the IRF's Grand Prix Racing series takes place in Monteangelo, more specifically on the slopes of the island's eponymous highest peak. The Circuit da Mont Anghel is one of only two circuits on the Grand Prix Racing calendar which is less than 4 km in length, the other being the...

Central State News Service #7

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Last minute reforms prior to an election year leave most happy, but still raise eyebrows.

Provisional Gov't. Offices Close this Election, Final Reforms to be Enacted

The government's representatives expressed their great happiness with the current state of the federal system as the nation anticipates the initial rounds of elections for the next decade. In addition to the Despotate, eighty-three Senatorial seats are up for contest...

Levantia Times Union No. 36 - Vilauristre Bureau

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Vilauristre, Burgundie- The Golden Boys have done it! In their first win in the 2031 Community Cup, the Burgundian team eeked out a win against...

The Daily Promitor: News from the Imperium #01

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The Daily Promitor
Breaking News from Caphiria

Venceia, Capital Province, Caphiria

While Imperator Constantinus continues his 8 week long vacation on the Isles of Escal in the south of the Ugarit Bay, President of the Senate and de facto leader of the Imperium in his stead Bruco de la Lyconcerva seems keen on ensuring his own agenda is pushed through. The Princeps Senatus...

Monteangeline Dispatches # 6

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Monteangeline Dispatches

April 2031
Issue # 6

Haydée, Cantun Haydée, Monteangelo
Monteangelo took it's most recent loss in the 2031 Community Cup against...
Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 2
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April 2031
Vol. 1 No. 2
Motorsports News

Palmerian Grand Prix

Grand Prix Racing returns to Palmeria this weekend for the 95th time. It has been an exciting time for sports in Palmeria as the nation is also hosting the 2031 Community Cup with matches occurring concurrently with the Thursday and Friday free practices and the Saturday qualifying. Corse Hermès S.A. and their driver Jacob Asana are leading the constructors...

Pauldustllahani Global Broadcasting Network #12 Election Edition.

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PBGN 12 Regional news.png

Farpoint: In the run up to the elections PBGN will be providing responses from each political party regarding an issue currently effecting the Imperial Kingdom. The issue discussed today is the current intervention in Punth. We asked each party what their position was on the escalating war in the Northern Confederation was and this is how each responded.

Pauldustllah First:

Our Party views the current interventions in Punth as a good...

Monteangeline Dispatches # 5

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Monteangeline Dispatches

April 2031
Issue # 5

Font, Palmeria
Fans of association football across Monteangelo rejoiced as the Monteangeline national team kicked off its first match in the...

Levantia Times Union No. 35 - Urceopolis Bureau

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URCEOPOLIS- International observers have been highly critical of the Urcean Royal Administration's handling of the aftermath of the so-called "Urcean Bush War" that concluded officially some three months ago with the surrender of the Sudlandish Coalition for National Liberation, especially in regards to what some have called the "extrajudicial" deportations of what the government has called "collaborators and former militant...​