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The Roseney Times: Nucci Government Chaos Continues; Will There Be Snap-Election?

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Aurora, Roseney --- The government of Premier Monica Nucci is in crisis once more as the Liberal Party for the third time this year lost members to the breakaway Liberal Conservative Party, which has in by-elections and defections turned into the fantasy of one member of the Assembly to a full-fledged political movement. Dissatisfaction over Nucci's leadership in Aurora among the population. Approval ratings for the ruling Democratic-Liberal...

Firefight near NCR border!!!

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The National Revolutionary Army reports this Monday that its soldiers killed four suspected saboteurs who attempted to cross into the nationally-administered part of Likashir at the unofficial border dividing the disputed territory with NCR. The shootout happened early hours of the morning when soldiers guarding the border known as the Line of Control intercepted the armed men near the village of Nigar, 40 kilometres northeast of...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 7

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June 2031
Vol. 1 No. 7
Motorsports News

Kazirstani Grand Prix

The sixth round of the Grand Prix Racing series brings us to Kazirstan for the first time ever before the circus makes its way through Punth for three races. Despite the usual warmth of June, Kazirstan remains chilly relative to almost every other venue in the series. The...

Monteangeline Dispatches # 8

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Monteangeline Dispatches

June 2031
Issue # 8

Delémont, Cantun Delémont, Monteangelo
Breaking news emerges from the Monteangeline port city of Delémont where a bomb was detonated at the local headquarters of the Carréline Tea Cartel. The blast resulted in no immediate fatalities, but authorities report that 11...

The Sovereign: Closure of Fort Kanith Gasworks marks end of an era

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Fort Kanith, Kanith Governorate - In the country's southernmost city, an era has come to an end. Fort Kanith Gasworks was built in 1932 under the pre-colonial reactionary regime. It once provided heat to every residency throughout Kanith Island, receiving daily shipments of coal to the Fort Kanith dockworks that would be converted into flammable gasses. The gasworks continued to operate through the Great Imperialist War and the Caphiravian...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 6

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May 2031
Vol. 1 No. 6
Motorsports News

Levantx Grand Prix

The Levantx Grand Prix remains an unique and classic event on the Grand Prix Racing calendar. The shortest circuit on the calendar, Levantx is also one of the slowest in terms of raw pace, weaving through tight streets that test the "3 car widths" regulation of track sizes. Indeed...

The Daily Promitor: News from the Imperium #02

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The Daily Promitor
Breaking News from Caphiria

Venceia, Capital Province, Caphiria

Speaking from inside of the Rovsea Room of the Forum Magnum, Senate President Bruco de la Lyconcerva issued a public announcement regarding his previous statement about a possible military intervention into Venceia's western neighbor Veltorina. The public announcement...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 5 (Special Update Edition)

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May 2031
Vol. 1 No. 5
Motorsports News

Special Update Edition
As we pass the quarter mark of the 2031 Grand Prix Racing season, we find ourselves in the midst of a close and exciting championship race. While the frontrunners include Corse Hermès S.A. driver Jacob Asana and Anghel Octan Racing driver Carla Helvet, four...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 4

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May 2031
Vol. 1 No. 4
Motorsports News

Reçêpistan Grand Prix

Round 4 of the 2031 IRF Grand Prix Racing series began in Lezar, the capital of Reçêpistan, on a street circuit around and through Tuzla Park at the city centre. The park itself has served historically as a communal gathering place and is mostly paved with stone slabs over the old...

Grand Prix Security

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A most serious case happened last week were attempted robbery of Grand Prix personnel implemented new security policies regarding the protection of both the civilians attending the event alongside with the attendees of the 'show'.

Although initially there was criticism regarding the upbringing of a complex system that would have made a bureaucratic nightmare for tourists and locals alike to attend to the show but a compromise was...