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ReseauEstat News - Student Walkout

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Haydez, Monteangelo
3 Eurides, Uential, Maquisador, 137
15 October 2032

Students across Monteangelo walked out of classes today in protest of alleged brutality committed by the Gendarmerie. Students and informal youth groups have increasingly been...

BREAKING NEWS - Taz Kontrolhier - BMO Bogshire Tower bombed by Punthite terrorists

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Taz Kontrolhier.png
— Bogshire, Abbreggen, Cronzcovina —​

Bogshire Tower.png
(BMO Bogshire Tower) — Just minutes ago the BMO Bogshire Tower was bombed in a large terrorist attack perpetrated by a group of Punthite terrorists. The group hacked televisions broadcasts mere minutes before the massive explosion went off in the tower. In their message an official from the group said the following, "We are the representatives of those who have been...

Levantine Times Union No. 41 – Vilauristre Bureau

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Dorft, Burgundie- The ongoing strife between the Kharkaar community and the local law enforcement agencies has reach a level of national recognition that cannot be ignored. After decades of peaceful resistance the Kharkaars may finally have the platform they need to make lasting change in Burgundie. The visuals posted on social media tell a different story than that being shown on the mainstream media outlets and some are accusing the media of...

ReseauEstat News - Solidarity and Disunity

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Haydez, Monteangelo
6 Zephides, Uential, Maquisador, 137

29 September 2032
Two days ago, the University of Haydez's student union announced that the strike vote had come back in overwhelming support of action with 89% of Monteangeline students voting in favour of a strike. While...

Levantine Times Union No. 40 – Vilauristre Bureau

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Alpha Boreal, Cronzcovina- As joint exercises kick off for the Cronz-Burgundian Cooperative Arctic Brigade kick off in the newly completed Alpha Boreal High Arctic Military Complex, the Brigade joins other elements of the Cronzcovinic Armed Forces in a comprehensive combined armed operation that pushes the limits of the Croncovinic Armed Forces. Burgundie’s participation in the Cooperative Arctic Brigade dates back decades as the political landscape...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 16

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Vol. 1 No. 16
Motorsports News

Kiravian Grand Prix

The last race of October sees a dash back westward to the island of Kiravia for the third last race of the season, coming in just before Grand Prix Racing returns to Ixnay Proper for its conclusion. With a tight points race at the front...

Daily memories of our homelands

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The imposing savannah of southern Recepistan slowly slips away as our boat heads for a small plateau jutting out from the depths of Sydona Sea. On board a group of 13 people make a visit to the country's southmost frontier: Çiçef Isle

It seemed a smooth journey on this hot summer day. But soon gusts of wind lash the sea into a fury, causing the boat to bob like a cork. Feeling sick, recalling historic accounts of the first Arab arrivals on this very area, who experienced violent storms in...

Publixão - An Insuian News Corporation (A002)

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Publixão logo - Small.png
• Havana District, Alahuela, Insui •

Vice President Antonella Picano speaks after a congressional session

(ALAHUELA) — Fears and doubts continue to arise in Insui amid the inevitable collapse of its western neighbor's government. Just six short months ago, the federal government assigned 200+ troops to the international border for a planned three months. As conditions...

Path of Glory

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Cmdre. Sara Auenzelle

8 Zephides, Uential, Maquisador, 137
1 October 2032
114 Uia Albon, B2 Suite 12

D'Azur, Haydez, Monteangelo


Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 15

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Vol. 1 No. 15
Motorsports News

Spetsford Grand Prix

Round 14 of the Grand Prix Racing series brings us to Kistan and the Felva Isle for the Spetsford Grand Prix, the only race in Levantia proper this year. The start/finish straight of the 13 turn course lies parallel to the highway...