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ReseauEstat News - Continued Striking

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Haydez, Monteangelo
1 Tropoyides, Nuabial, Maquisador, 137
12 November 2032

The student strike in Monteangelo has entered into its 4th week, disrupting post-secondary education in protest of the unlawful detention of youths conducted by the Gendarmerie...

ReseauEstat News - Midnight Raid at the HQ of Octan Petroleum

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Haydez, Monteangelo
1 Pommelides, Uential, Maquisador, 137
23 October 2032

Reports have confirmed that last night the offices of the Octan Petroleum Company were raided by Monteangeline authorities. Eyewitnesses originally reported a number of...

The Roseney Times: Recent Daily Times Article Attacks Roseney, Spreads "Fake News"

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(Aurora) Just a week after Roseneyans across the country celebrated the start of the playoffs for the Roseney Baseball League, with the first game scheduled to start next week, readers were shocked to find on the front page of The Daily Times an article calling for the restoration of order in Roseney, citing the "collapse of the government" and a rising anarchist movement. They then suggested annexing the Commonwealth of Roseney into Helvianir...
The Daily Times - First Edition
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AURORA - It's been four weeks since the Roseney Government fell thanks to a deadlocked debate on budget allocations. Now there are reports that the once so peaceful island is slowly becoming the victim of anarchist movements and corrupt politicians who prefer to fill their wallets rather than govern the country.

The United Kingdom, concerned about the safety of the naval base on the island, has decided to send...

Taz Kontrolhier - The LAR wins in a landslide election after a vote of no confidence

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Taz Kontrolhier.png
— Magnimperium, Imperium Capitis, Cronzcovina —
Cronzcovinic 2033 Election Results.png
Green - The Las Acronitas Revolutionaries - Eleven Provinces
Blue - The Cronzcovinic Unity Party - Six Provinces
Grey - The National Conservative Party of Cronzcovina - Four Provinces
Red - The Pohrank Freedom Party - Four Provinces
Brown - The Traditional Conservative Party of Cronzcovina - Three Provinces
Yellow - The Magnavinic Anti-Establishment Party - Two Provinces
Publixão - An Insuian News Corporation (A003)
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Publixão logo - Small.png
• Havana District, Alahuela, Insui •

Governor of Lombardia—Manolo Carusone gives final signature for Lombardia's constitution

(COLUMBIA) — Nearly eight months after the collapse of its western neighbor's government, the Insuian federal government has nearly finished it's absorbance of the 20 Vachenan provinces. Back in September, Alahuela assigned 200+ troops to the international border for a planned...

Sports Illuminated Vol. 1 No. 17 (Finale)

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Vol. 1 No. 17
Motorsports News

Caphiravian Grand Prix

The concluding round of the first season of the turbo-hybrid era brings Grand Prix Racing back to Ixnay proper with the classic Caphiravian Grand Prix. Nestled in the hills just outside of the town of Volis, the Circus Volias is the...

ReseauEstat News - Student Walkout

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Haydez, Monteangelo
3 Eurides, Uential, Maquisador, 137
15 October 2032

Students across Monteangelo walked out of classes today in protest of alleged brutality committed by the Gendarmerie. Students and informal youth groups have increasingly been...

BREAKING NEWS - Taz Kontrolhier - BMO Bogshire Tower bombed by Punthite terrorists

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Taz Kontrolhier.png
— Bogshire, Abbreggen, Cronzcovina —​

Bogshire Tower.png
(BMO Bogshire Tower) — Just minutes ago the BMO Bogshire Tower was bombed in a large terrorist attack perpetrated by a group of Punthite terrorists. The group hacked televisions broadcasts mere minutes before the massive explosion went off in the tower. In their message an official from the group said the following, "We are the representatives of those who have been...

Levantine Times Union No. 41 – Vilauristre Bureau

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Dorft, Burgundie- The ongoing strife between the Kharkaar community and the local law enforcement agencies has reach a level of national recognition that cannot be ignored. After decades of peaceful resistance the Kharkaars may finally have the platform they need to make lasting change in Burgundie. The visuals posted on social media tell a different story than that being shown on the mainstream media outlets and some are accusing the media of...